14 unusual ways to use Coca-Cola.

14 practical uses for every day.

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14 ways to use Coca-Cola

Do you drink Coca-Cola? Did you know that this drink could also have other uses than quench your thirst?

You may be surprised to learn that this drink can be used to remove stains, clean the toilet, de-ice your windshield ... !

Are you curious to know more?

I invite you to take a look at the following 14 uses.

First use

Clean your grout!

Moisten a cloth with Coke. Wet the area of your grout with Coke. Let the Coca-Cola sit for a few minutes, then wipe it off. The acidic nature of Coke will remove the grime from the grout.

Rinse the Coca-Cola with a clean rag and clear water and voilà!

Second use

If you need some fertilizer for your cut flowers in a vase, you can always grab a can of Coke and pour a few drops into the water of your flowers; you will keep your flowers longer!

Third use

Did you get some pizza grease on your favorite shirt? Do not throw it away, there is still hope! Rather than paying a lot of money for a grease remover, you can use Coca-Cola. It might seem crazy, but you can pour a can of Coke with your laundry detergent to remove the stain.

Fourth use

Are you trying to unscrew a tight, rusty bolt? All you have to do is pour Coca-Cola on the bolt and let it sit for a few minutes, then try again.

Fifth use

Did you know that you can clean your toilet bowl with Coca-Cola? Depending on the size of your toilet, you will need to one cup or two cups of Coca-Cola. Coke works well as a toilet bowl cleaner because of the carbonic and phosphoric acid in it.

Sixth use

You probably never thought of pouring Coke on your windshield to defrost it. If you're in a rush on a cold morning, rather than sitting in your car for twenty minutes, pour Coke on your windshield, the acid inside of the soda will help melt the ice.

Seventh use

There is nothing worse than getting stung by a jellyfish, especially when you were planning to have a good day. Typically, these aren’t huge medical concerns, though they are very annoying. According to The New Scientist, Coca-Cola can help relieve the pain from a jellyfish sting.

Here! It's crazy all you can do with Coca-Cola!

Eighth use

Clean your concrete. Just grab a 12-ounce can of Coca-Cola and pour it onto the stain on the concrete! You will scrub the Coke into the stain using a nylon scrub brush. Be careful and do not use a wire brush.

Ninth use

Remove mosquitoes and other bugs from your windshield!

It's a tip you need for the summer! Dip a cloth in Coca-Cola, then wipe the windshield with it! Then wipe the windshield with a clean cloth that has been soaked in water, and voila!

Tenth use

Get rid of skunk smells!

Use Coke to get rid of skunk smells! Hoping you never need to use this tip.

Eleventh use

Marinate the meat! Actually, there are many ways to use Coca-Cola in the kitchen that have nothing to do with drinking it. One of the best things is to use Coke to tenderize and marinate meat!

Twelfth use

It is probably slightly worrying that something we absorb in our bodies, can remove paint on a piece of furniture, but then again, we do not have paint in our body, so soda reacts differently in our systems. In order to remove the paint from a surface, you must soak a rag in Coca-Cola and continue to apply it to the surface. Eventually, the paint will start to warp and should be easy to remove after that.

Thirteenth use

Your instinct for a headache might be to grab a glass of water. And while water is great for remaining hydrated, it won’t be an instant reliever. Instead, you might want to grab a can of Coke, as the caffeine can help relieve the tension caused by a headache. You should try this tip !

Fourteenth use

Clean milk stains!

It's actually a very simple solution! You can soak the milk stain in Coca-Cola, then let it sit for about five minutes before cleaning as usual. There you go!