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When we have our nails done every two or three weeks, we end up lacking inspiration.

And after having tried all the colors of the small pallets of nails, one quickly wears glitter. Bling bling is not for everyone either ...

So what's left for us?

Have you ever thought about artists who make nails real little works of art?

Because it's almost the case. Some men and women, and I really must insist on the masculine since many men also perfectly master the brush to color nails in an incredible way!

Seeing them paint like in the video below is so impressive, that it seems easy! Easy enough to say: but let's see ... I can do it too!

Well, of course, everyone can do it. It just takes practice!

Would you like to have some important information about the methods they use? There it is:

- First they always work with nail polish of excellent quality. Nothing that comes from the Dollar's stores, and nothing out of date.

- You will also notice that to achieve nails as beautiful as these, they apply a lot of nail polish, for each step, in order to handle the colors easily.

- They work quickly, so that the polish does not have time to dry between stages. It therefore becomes easier to mix colors to create patterns.

- They also use specialized tools for nail coloring. These kinds of accessories can be found online and in shops that supply material to workers in the field.

- And finally, they always apply two coats of clear polish at the end of their coloring to protect the beautiful work they have just done. It would be a shame to damage such beautiful nails within 2 days after so much effort.

So, do you think you could try your luck and succeed with a little practice? Go for it! Tell yourself that them too had to start one day or the other. And they have not always been so talented.The secrets are: practice and perseverance!

But at least try! And if you do not succeed right away, you can ask for help from the person who does your nails usually!

On video:

Amazing Nails Art By: Sveta Sanders

Posted by MetDaan Creative on Wednesday, June 13, 2018

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