15 beautiful projects to decorate your garden without spending too much.

15 things you can make for you garden!

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In a few weeks you can start to decorate your garden. But now you can create some beautiful decorations with recycled items to add nice touch of color to your beautiful garden!

Avoid the big expenses by recycling objects that you already have in your house. Look in your drawers, cabinets, closets, garage and attic to see what you could make and transform to decorate your garden or kitchen garden.

But before, see these 15 beautiful ideas to inspire you!

Then you can make your own creations! And do not forget to share your decorations once your projects are finished!

Here are 15 beautiful projects to decorate your garden without spending too much:

1) Reuse a chandelier to make a beautiful planter with small terracotta pots. Use silicone glue to glue the pots onto the chandelier and let dry 24 to 48 hours before spraying the paint on the planter. Let the paint dry 24 more hours before adding the flowers.

Source: diyshowoff.com

2) Use a hot glue gun to create flowers with caps. Use outdoor paints and varnishes to paint the flowers.

Source: suburbia-unwrapped.com

3) Recycle an old frame to hang a planter on a tree branch.

Source: organizedclutter.net

4) Use spray paint (Krylon brand) on terra-cotta pots and saucers. Once the paint is dry, glue the saucers and pots together with silicone glue. Let dry for 24 hours before adding seeds and water in the bird feeder.

Source: thechirpingmoms.com

5) Pour a little blue turquoise acrylic paint into Mason jars, roll the jars so that the paint is evenly spread inside the jars, then place the jars upside down on newspaper to remove the excess paint. Use hose clamps to hang the Mason jars on a wooden board. Add stones to the bottom of the Mason jars to drain well. And grow your fresh herbs.

Source: homeremediesrx.com

6) Use field stones to decorate the flower beds in front of the house.

Source: homeremediesrx.com

Source: homeremediesrx.com

7) Use sandpaper to sand gloss varnish on golf balls. Then spray a primer on the balls. Then use acrylic paint to paint ladybugs on small balls. The tip of a brush is very useful for making small dots on the cute ladybug.

Source: artdrops-tatjana.blogspot.ca

8) Use strong glue to glue a teacup on a saucer or serving tray. You can then hang them on a tree branch to make a beautiful bird feeder.

Source: idealhome.co.uk

9) Succulent plants can live in very little soil. They like dry soils and love the sun, like cacti. Use ladles and a metal hook coat rack for a super original decoration.

Source: coffeelovinmom.tumblr.com

10) Reuse a large tin can to make a planter, and fix it on a garden tool that you no longer use. Do not forget to pierce the tin to drain the water.

Source: olivebites.blogspot.ca

11) Pierce the tin cans to drain the water and spray rustproof paint on cans to make beautiful planters.

Source: dosfamily.com

12) Use outdoor paint and varnish to paint a turtle made with stones.

Source: craftymorning.com

13) Make a vertical planter with a metal rod, a glass bowl on the top and spray paint.

Source: homestoriesatoz.com

14) Use outdoor paint and varnish to paint garden markers.

Source: westvalley.citymomsblog.com

15) And finally, add a little soil in the bottom of a bird cage. Succulent plants can live in very little soil. They like dry soils and love the sun, like cacti. Spray water occasionally.

Source: homebnc.com

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