15 blue Shabby Chic decoration ideas

Add a touch of blue to your Shabby Chic decor!

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If you like the all-white Shabby Chic style, and you like the same style with a touch of pink, you'll love Shabby chic with touch of blue !

Do you like old decorations ? So, you'll love what the blue adds to the Shabby Chic style. It brings a soft touch that the white and pink did not have.

If your home or a room of your home is already decorated in this style, just add a wall, a piece of furniture and a few accent touches here and there to create a soft and elegant decor.

You will see how the powder blue effect is relaxing !

Here are 15 blue Shabby Chic decoration ideas :

1) Choose the blue to paint a piece of furniture, so it will match the accessories you put to decorate your room

Source : it.pinterest.com

2) Wall painted with a very pale blue, curtains and some blue on the edges of the pillowcase will be perfect to decorate a bedroom.

Source : it.pinterest.com

3) 2 or 3 pale blue cushions and slats painted in pale blue

Source : housebeautiful.com

4) It's relaxing and it's calm ! Imagine the evening with burning candles !

Source : designmag.it

5) Only a window and doors painted in blue !

Source : sweet-southern-charm.tumblr.com

6) Even in the laundry room it's lovely !

Source : homebunch.com

7) Accessories, a chandelier, decorative objects !

Source : hgtv.com

8) Just the lunch counter!

Source : notedlist.com

9) All the walls of the bathroom !

Source : arredamentoprovenzale.net

10) It's very romantic in a bedroom !

Source: plentific.com

11) A table and the chairs !

Source : inspideco.org

12) Simply add pale blue plates and dishes in the dresser

Source : vibekedesign.blogspot.ca

13) If you really like pale blue, go for it !

Source : houseandgarden.co.uk

14) Curtains with blue flowers ! Perfect for the cottage ! It's so lovely !

Source : inspideco.org

15) A perfect reading nook ! Curtains, lace, a chandelier, lots of cushions . . . A real little palace for a princess who is waiting for her Prince Charming !

Source : pinterest.fr