15 cheap but very impressive DIY projects for your home decor

No one will doubt their simplicity or the small price paid to transform your home!

Tips and Crafts

If you are planning to decorate your home this year, you know that you can do it without sacrificing your other projects! No one will know that you paid this small price to transform your home!

Here are 15 DIY cheap decoration projects

1. Chalkboard wall

Put a blackboard wherever you can paint. This idea works very well for kitchens and children's rooms. These paints are also magnetic, which allows you to add some creative personal touches.

2. Necklace rack made of corks

Get your the corks from your wine bottles to hang your jewelry.

3. Beautiful library

Make a floating shelf that will create the illusion that books are floating in the air!

4. Gold flowerpots

Opt for luxury with a gold-colored metallic paint.

5. Moroccan dream

Use a piece of cardboard as a stencil and create this Moroccan style wall with paint. As it is not wallpaper, you can change when you want by painting again over this wall.

6. Bedside table

Turn an old table into a unique bedside table! Take an old table, cut it in half, paint it with your favorite color and put it against your wall.

7. White feather chandelier

This easy-to-make chandelier can give a new style to a room in no time!

8. Custom handwritten canvas

Write your favorite quotes, phrases and lyrics on a blank canvas and hang it.

9. Custom shelves

Use a decorative iron shelf brackets and place shelves that you will have made and painted from pieces of wood.

10. Headboard with curtains

Place your favorite curtains behind your bed and voila!

11. CD mosaic mirror

Take a mirror and place broken pieces of CD around the frame. Use different types of CDs for various color effects.

12. Decorate your fireplace

Using a board and giant letters, you can create this elegant decorative piece to decorate the top of your fireplace. Perfect for the festive season!

13. Antique style table

Transform a floating shelf into a beautiful antique style table.

14. Frame shelf

Add a frame to your shelves and place objects in a unique way!

15. Reading nook

All you will need: curtains and some cushions!