15 cleaning tips you need to know before you start spring cleaning

Be more efficient and faster!

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Published 5 years ago
15 cleaning tips you need to know before you start spring cleaning
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If there is a nice a weather, we can start our spring cleaning! But, it looks like winter is still there!

Take the time to check out these 15 cleaning tips before you start spring cleaning.

You can save time and money by simply changing some methods that you have been used to do.

Here are 15 tips for doing your spring cleaning:

1) Clean your wooden deck:

Read the instructions on the box of OxyClean (Walmart, Canadian Tire) to make the mixture. Power washing is also an option to thoroughly clean the wood with this mix. You will get a professional result for a fraction of the price!

Source: Hometalk

2) Remove the water marks on the wood:

Clean them with mayonnaise or toothpaste, it really works!

Source: Zest it Up

3) Hard water stains and limestone:

For hard water stains and limescale all around the faucet, place paper towels soaked in white vinegar and leave on for 20 minutes. After 20 minutres, the hard water stains and limestone will have softened and you will be able to clean everything easily.

Source: Cuteasafox.com

4) The wet wipes:

An excellent way to clean furniture upholstery without damaging them is to wipe the furniture with baby wipes. The wipes do not contain toxic chemicals, so they are safe for the fabric. For stubborn stains, use rubbing alcohol and a sponge.

Source: ErikaWittlieb via Pixabay

5) Your grandmother used newspaper:

Your grandmother used newspaper to clean the windows and mirrors of her house! But when she had finished, her fingers were stained because of the ink in the newspaper. Be smart. Use coffee filters! Same effect .... without ink stain!

Source: lokki61099

6) Use a pillowcase:

Dust the blades of a ceiling fan with a pillowcase. This will prevent it from falling onto your furniture or floor.

Source: ehowhome

7) Prevent the dust from coming back too fast:

Dust shelves, moldings and baseboards with dryer sheets!


8) Clean the shower:

Use a sponge with handle to clean the shower!

Source: Katie Sottile

9) Clean tile grout:

A brush and a drill will be your new favorite tools for cleaning tile grout.

Source: Jeff Patterson

10) Remove mildew with Vodka:

Clean the mildew stains with pure Vodka or Vodka diluted with water.

Source: Hans via Pixabay

11) Remove all the dust from you lampshades with a lint roller!

Source: One Good Thing by Jillee via TipHero

12) Do not forget to disinfect the garbage disposal:

It's really easy to do ! Pour cold water, switch on the garbage disposal, sprinkle baking soda in the garbage disposal and throw the peels of several citrus fruits: orange, lemon, lime or grapefruit!

Source: OWN

13) Clean your stainless steel appliances:

First, clean them with a mixture of sparkling water and dish soap, then buff them with baby oil and a micro-fiber cloth.

Source: Deposit Photos

14) Clean the floor:

Prepare a mixture of very hot water and white vinegar and soak a microfiber mop into the mixture, then clean the floor.

Opt for water-vinegar solutions to clean floors without spending too much, you will avoid streaks.

Source: Microfiber Wholesale

15) Remove dried food crusts in the microwave:

Heat 125 ml (1/2 cup) of water and 125 ml (1/2 cup) of white vinegar for 5 minutes to thoroughly clean the microwave.

Source: Tip Hero