15 fun and unusual ways to use birthday balloons!

Balloons are very useful!

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The best part of this idea is that balloons, commonly known as birthday balloons, are not expensive. Obviously, for some of these ideas, you will have to choose balloons of a better quality. But for most of these ideas, the Dollar store balloons that we pay about $ 1 for 10 balloons will be perfect.

So before spending too much on balloons, do some tests with some remaining birthday balloons you already have at home. And if these balloons are good, then do not spend money!

Here are 15 fun and unusual ways to use birthday balloons:

1) Use a plastic bottle and its cap to make an accessory to blow up the balloons.

2) Fill balloons with water to make an original and very colorful ice bucket, or choose a color of your choice.

3) Add white vinegar and baking soda in a balloon that you will place in a box just before giving it as a gift to see the balloon fly away by opening the box.

4) Fill a balloon with confetti and place it in a nice box and when you offer it, give a toothpick to the person. The person will find inside the balloon a word of your choice or a really great gift.

5) Use paper cups, balloons and ping pong balls to make a fun game!

6) Use a toilet paper roll, a balloon and duct tape to make a confetti cannon at a wedding or a party!

7) Fill a balloon with toothpaste to make an antistress ball in less than 2 minutes!

8) Stick black tape around a balloon. In this way you can play basketball against a wall.

9) Inflate a balloon and place it over a pot if you do not have the lid to close it!

10) Cut a balloon and place it to the base of your guests' glasses to identify them by color and also to prevent small damage.

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