15 fun Easter crafts to make with objects bought at the Dollar Store

Ideas to make with or for children!

Tips and Crafts

Do you want to create Easter decorations with or for children?

You will find in this list several small projects easy to do with items bought at Dollar Stores, so inexpensive products that you can easily change, if you want.

Decorate the house to receive guests, or make a gift that you can offer for Easter, or simply to entertain the kids!

Here are 15 Easter crafts made with items bought at Dollar stores:

1) To make an Easter egg hunt in the dark, add battery-powered tealights in plastic eggs.

Source: pinterest.ca

2) Get Mason jars and use plaster Easter decorations to decorate the Mason jars. You can put some candies or chocolates inside and offer them for Easter!

Source: passionatepennypincher.com

3) Use plastic eggs, rope and some lace to make Shabby Chic eggs!

Source: tarynwhiteaker.com

4) With a hot glue gun, glue the ends of an pool noodle together, and then with the hot glue gun you can glue plastic Easter eggs onto the pool noodle.

Source: crazylittleprojects.com

5) You will find Easter porcelain figurines at Dollarama and you may not like them. But, if you cover them with faux moss, you can create the most adorable Easter decoration!

Source: allthingsheartandhome.com

6) Offer Bunny Bubble Gum for the kids. You can create this with white, pink, purple construction paper and a cotton ball!

Source: smartschoolhouse.com

7) Glue stickers on Mason jars and spray paint with Easter colors. Remove the stickers, add some lace and put back the lids.

Source: happinessishomemad.net

8) Get plastic plates and gold spray paint (Krylon) to make beautiful plates!

Source: redheadcandecorate.com

9) Acrylic paint adheres very very well on terra cotta pots!

Source: madewithhappy.com

10) Use balloons, glue, water and yarn to make pretty Easter eggs to decorate the house.

Source: craftbyphoto.com

11) Styrofoam balls and Q-Tips dipped in water colored with food coloring will make beautiful flowers!

Source: homemadeginger.com

12) Use a stencil to paint a rabbit on a piece of burlap, stick a cotton ball to make the small tail of the rabbit and frame it.

Source: hometalk.com

13) Get some cans and spray white paint to make some pretty white rabbits. Make ears, muzzles and paws with EVA foam, that you glue with a hot glue gun.

Source: weknowstuff.us.com

14) Bath bombs are always nice, whatever the season, offer them as gifts!

Source: momfoodie.com

15) Use silver spray paint to decorate plastic Easter decorations and decorate outdoor planters!

Source: averageinspired.com