15 genius storage ideas if you are living in a small space!

These space hacks will save you space and money!

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15 genius storage ideas if you are living in a small space!

It seems like we are always running out of space in our home. With the price of houses always rising, many have to settle for smaller places and fitting all your belongings in a condo or townhouse can be quite tricky! Luckily, Bored Panda shared a list of clever storage solutions for small living spaces! These can work even if bigger places, they are great ideas for everyone trying to rearrange their homes.

1. Bunk beds

Bunk beds don't have to be these old school wooden ones with ladders! You can create a modern way for the kids to share a room that allows privacy.

2. Slide-Out Pantry 

This DIY project is a slide-out pantry that is supported by the refrigerator and the adjacent wall. It's perfect storage space for cans, spices and other dry ingredients! The best part about it; you can hide it when you are done cooking by simply sliding it!

Photo : Classy Clutter

3.  3-in-1 Space Saving System

This idea allows you to use the space for sleeping, lounging and even hosting guests! 

4. Stair Drawers

If you are running out of space to store clothes and shoes, simply use the space taken by the stairs! What a genius idea.

Photo : Reddit u/ai_r

5. Under the Bed Storage

Remember when you use to hide all your stuff under the bed as a kid? You can still do it! 

Photo : Reddit u/ai_r

6.  Under the Bed Space

Elevate your bed and use the space underneath to create a home office!

7. Triple Bunk Beds 

If you have three small children, create triple bunk beds! 

Photo : Kara-Kae James

8. Kitchen Utensils Board

Display all your cooking utensils on the wall to save space and create a unique design!

9. Headboard Shelves

Use the space between the bed and the wall to store books!

10. Corner Space Shelves

Use the wasteful space in the corner to create corner shelves!

11. Over the Door Shelves

Put a shelve over the door to store all your books.

12. Rack on the Door

Display all your towels on the back of the door.

13. Small Vanity

Simply put a mirror and some shelves on the wall to create a small vanity.

14. Spice Rack

Use the corner of the countertop to create a built-in spice rack! Genius!

15. Refrigerator containers

These storage boxes are made to help you tidy up your refrigerator.  

Photo : Amazon

What do you think of these ideas? Will you be trying any of these at home?