15 lucky names for baby girls.

Are you expecting a baby girl and looking for a lucky name? Here are some ideas!

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Published 3 years ago
15 lucky names for baby girls.
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Some people believe that the first name we bear has an impact on our life. As loving parents, we want our children to have every chance, so here's a list of lucky baby names for excepting mothers!

1. Joy

This English name comes from the word "joy" in Latin. Some people claim it is the diminutive of Josse, derived from the Germanic god Gauz.

Variants of this first name: Joia, Joa. In addition, it is said that the girls with this name are rather independent.

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2. Alaia

This first name means "happiness" in Basque and "virtuous" in Arabic. Few girls are named this way every year.

Variant: Alaya. The Alaia are said to be ambitious, willful, observant and altruistic. What to create their luck!

3. Zhang

This name of Chinese origin means "child of happiness". It’s such a great start in life! We understand why this name is so popular in Asia. It is said that the carriers of this first name are serious, smart, well organized and have a great sense of listening.

4. Nadia

This multicultural first name comes from the French version of the Russian name Nadja, which means "hope". In Arabic, it can be translated as “the one who proclaims loud and clear”. It is a common first name in Italy, as well as in Slavic and Muslim countries. A name that brings 10/10 scores!

Variant: Nadya. 

5. Lætitia

This name comes from Latin and means "joy". Its spread is linked to the spread of the cult of the Virgin Mary, who was once venerated under the name of Our Lady of Liesse. It is said that the Lætitia are upright and proud women.

Variants of this first name: Laeticia, Letitia, Letizia, Laly.

6. Mila

Here is a multicultural first name. It is the Spanish diminutive of Milagros, coming from the Latin "miraculum", "miracle". It is also a derivative of the name Milena, which means "beloved of the people" in Slavic. It is a popular first name in France. You don't get bored with Milas, who are fun girls.

Variants: Milana, Ludmilla, Ludmila.

7. Bénédicte

The first name Bénédicte comes from the Latin “benedictus” which means “blessed”, “protected by God”. It is, with Benoîte, the feminine of the first name Benoît. Girls with this first name are enterprising and honest.

Variants: Benedetta, Benedite, Benita.

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8. Félicie

This first name from the Latin "felix" means "happy". It was mostly given in France in the first part of the 20th century, and more particularly from 1900 to 1914. The Félicies are said to be fun and caring.

Variants: Félice, Felicidad, Félixine.

9. Gwenn

Here is a Breton name that comes from a Celtic term meaning "white", "happy" and "prince". It is not widely used. The Gwens are believed to be disciplined, humble and warm.

Variants of this first name: Gwennaëlle, Gwenola.

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10. Olga

This first name comes from Germanic and means "happy". It is the Slavic variant of the first name Helga. It is therefore found in Russia and other Slavic countries. They say the Olga are dynamic women.

11. Amel

In Arabic, this first name means "hope" or "hope". In the Koran, it designates hope in God. The carriers of the first name Amel are frank people.

Variants: Amal, Amele, Amelle, Hamel, Hamelle.

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12. Céleste

This first name is derived from the Latin name Caelestis which means "which comes from the sky". For a long time exclusively male, it then became mixed. Nowadays, it is preferred to use Célestin for boys.

The Céleste are lively and resourceful girls.

Variants: Célesta, Célestine, Célestina.

13. Souad

This Arabic first name translates "happy", "lucky". It is a rare first name in the West, ideal for parents looking for a little originality. The Souad are intelligent women.

Variants of this first name: Souade, Souaad, Souhad, Souhade, Souadou.

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14. Stella

This first name comes from the Latin "stella" which means "star". It has long been popular in Italy, English speaking countries as well as Corsica and France. They say Stellas are sweet.

Variants of Stella: Estelle, Stelia, Stellia.

15. Faustine

The first name Faustine is derived from the Latin "faustus" which can be translated as "happy" and dates back to Antiquity. The Roman Empress Faustina the Elder, wife of Antoninus Pius, lived in the 2nd century and was deified after her death, nothing less. The carriers of this rather rare first name are ambitious.

Variants: Fausta, Faustina.

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Is your name on the list?

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