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15 original Halloween costumes for babies.

The most adorable costumes that you can make yourself!

Tips and Crafts

Halloween is approaching very fast! Even if this year's celebration can be a bit tricky due to COVID-19 and restrictions you can still dress up! And what is more adorable than to see the little ones in costumes!This year, you should try a truly original costume for your child! 

Here are 15 original costume ideas that you will love!

1. Mario Bros 

Look really cute in a baby carrier! We love how serious he is!

2. Rapunzel 

And Daddy can be the tower. 

3. Cereal Box 

How cute! 

4. Power Rangers 

So cool! 

5. Cupcake 

How adorable! Isn't she so sweet?

6. Popcorn 

Another great idea that works great with a baby carrier!

7. Sloth & Tree 

An original idea for a boy or a girl. 

8. CIA Agents 

This is really cool! Maybe it will even make Daddy want to dress up! 

9. Spaghetti and Meatballs

Anybody hungry? 

10.  Harry Potter

An easy idea you can recreate at home!

11. Octopus


12. Parrot

And a pirate of course. 

13. Lobster

Anyone wants lobster rolls? 

14. E.T.

We love it!

15. Spider

The cutest spider we have ever seen! 

Are you celebration Halloween this year? Even if you will not be doing trick-or-treating it's a great day to dress up and take pictures!