15 pictures of catastrophes that happen when parents get a hold of technology.

Number 7 is probably the funniest!

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As we old, the technology becomes more and too advanced and sometimes even too advanced for us!  

The team from the Bored Panda website made a compilation of the biggest fails that were created when grandparents got a hold of the technology and decided to use it in their own way. Please do not take it personally it is only so we can all laugh together! 

1. Grandma thought the iPad was a cutting board.

2. She was putting on make-up by the laptop, the sun's glare burnt the screen. 

3. Candle VS TV. Looks like the candle won this one. 

4. They said the printer wasn't working. 

5. My dad said the speaker wasn't working anymore. 

6. Mom called to ask why the Internet doesn't work anymore. 

7. Dad got a new charger, opened the package with scissors.

8. Dad is trying to transfer a video from one phone to another. 

9. Mom put laundry detergent in the dishwasher.

10. Grandma brought the screen in for repair, she said the picture is weird. 

11. This is how Dad printed the store coupon.

12. Mom said the screen is not working well. She never removed the protective film from her cell phone!

13. They said the phone never fell into the water...

14. Dad is transferring pictures from cell phone to cell phone.

15. She came to return her iPhone because it doesn't work, when asked by the clerk if she had ever charged it, she replied: No.

Do you have any technology fails to share with us?