15 shelves and racks for a tidy home!

Simple solutions for a house always tidy!

Tips and Crafts

When you have a house for a few years, you end up running out of cupboards or closets to store everything.

So we need to add a few shelves or racks to get organized in the house because we accumulate personal belongings over the years.

And to avoid overspending, there are simple ways to easily create cheap shelves or racks.

Here are 15 easy shelves and racks for a tidy house!

1) Fix a rotating tray, Lazy Susan, under a cabinet and screw hooks to the tray to hang all the utensils you often use in the kitchen.

Source: woohome

2) Wooden crates firmly attached to the wall and baskets will be perfect for hats and scarves.

Source: diyandcraftscorner

3) Use rope to simply hang a board on the wall!

Source: Facebook.com/craft

4) Reuse old board or wooden pallets that you will paint with blue, gray and white acrylic paint, diluted in water and apply it negligently with a dry cloth, then sand the wood with Sandpaper to make a beautiful shelf for the bathroom.

Source: maison-et-astuce.com

5) Get the old skateboards of your children to make shelves for their bedrooms!

Source: thecraftedsparrow

6) Pipes, rope and board, so easy!

Source: montremoicomment.com

7) Board, varnish and pipes! Nice, isn't it?

Source: funkyjunkinteriors

8) It is easy to make corner shelves with plank, and you can decorate these beautiful shelves!

Source: maison-et-astuce.com

9) Use a MDF board and acrylic paint to make a giant flower in a child's room or in a playroom. Shelves represent the leaves of the flower.

Source: facebook.com/craft

10) Use an old ladder to hang clothes to dry in the laundry room

Source: maison-et-astuce.com

11) Leather straps and a wooden board! Raw materials for a natural decor.

Source: burkatron

12) Add some decoration to your laundry room with old planks and pipes.

Source: funkyjunkinteriors

13) Make crates with plank

14) Or hang wooden crates to the wall.

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15) Decorate an old stepladder!

Source: shanty-2-chic