15 tips to decorate your house from Joanna Gaines!

You won't want to leave your house!

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Are you a fan of Joanna Gaines' rustic, yet industrial style? If you enjoyed watching the HGTV show Fixer Upper or simply enjoy Joanna Gaines' updated rustic décor style, you should know that you can create that same look at home! Simply follow her tips below, thanks to our friends at Best Life!

1. Try open storage options

If you don't have a lot of storage space, but a lot of things, simply display them in cute containers such as wire baskets, clear bottles or glass containers! Joanna suggests to use different type of storage to leave in the open, it adds to the décor

2.  Make uninviting room more fun!

There is probably a room that you dislike in your house, maybe the laundry room or the office, Gaines suggests to add something fun and creative in that space so you will actually enjoy going in there. You can add subway tiles to the walls, handmade signs, storage baskets or antique-inspired lights, are only a few of her suggestions. 

3. Use large furniture to make a small space appear bigger

If your bedroom is rather small, Gaines suggest that you put a king size bed without any additional furniture rather than a full-sized bed and two nightstands. She claims that it full make the space feel larger. You can apply that rule to any other room in your house.

4. Mix old with new items

If you can't or don't want to renovate that is perfectly fine, all you need is a few new elements, like a rug, pillows or even curtains! It will really soften up the space and create a more welcoming space. 

5. Create separate areas in your open space concept

If you feel overwhelmed by your open floor plan, try to outline different areas in the space by using distinct design elements such as light fixtures or area rugs. That way, you will have two defined areas when you walk into the space.

6. Try bold wallpaper in small spaces

Small rooms like bathrooms, mudrooms or even entryways are the best to try a bold wallpaper pattern according to Joanna Gaines, she even mentions on her blog that : "they're fairly low-risk in terms of the amount of real estate you're covering". "Hanging a print or pattern that you love in a small spot, like a desk or reading nook, can highlight that space in a way that helps it stand out within the larger context of the room," says Gaines.

7. Add light fixture to small spaces 

The designer recommends to add lighting to small spaces to make things feel bigger. For small and cramped rooms it is best to use overhead or sconce lightning or even both!

8. Use the bathroom storage as decor

The small little bathroom necessities are actually fun accent pieces! Gaines says that : "The fun thing about being creative with the way you contain things is that things that typically wouldn't be cute, like cotton balls and Q-Tips, you can make it cute by getting cute little glass jars and putting them in a basket"

9. Use cubbies bookshelves to dress up a room 

Use wooden boxes to create a beautiful accent to any room, and as time goes on you can easily change the content of the boxes! Use different type or wood, like reclaimed or slatted wood to create different looks. 

10. Create your own centerpieces with flowers or plants from your yard 

Add simple flowers or plant clippings in plain glass jars or low vases to create beautiful centerpieces. Gaines suggests that : "As the seasons change, you can still use that same idea of going out in the front yard."

11. When you decorate open shelves, think diagonally 

Gaines suggests that : "When I'm doing open shelving, a trick that I like to use is using a grid that goes in a diagonal form. So, if you have a green jar on the upper righthand side of your top shelf, put an item in a similar hue diagonally below it to create a cohesive design. It's a simple trick that I use on all built-ins; it's a way to balance things out." 

12. Add textiles to your bedroom 

You don't need pictures and painting to create a nice inviting bedroom, instead use rich textiles such as rugs, curtains and bedding. These should make the room feel complete more than the objects on the walls. 

13.  Add a chair rail to an empty boring space

If you want to add great visual without having to sacrifice space, then adding a chair rail is the perfect solution. "It adds some texture to the space, but it also really makes it feel warm and inviting when you walk in," says Gaines. 

14.  Use books to add pops of colour

You don't have to paint the walls to add colour! You can simply add books in similar colour to your bookshelf or stack them on a table for an unexpected pop of colour. 

15. Add antiques to your kids room

Older pieces can make a playroom significantly more elegant easily. Gaines mentions that : "It's a really cute piece that has a story, but now you're just giving it a new purpose."

Are you ready to transform your house? Most of these tips are inexpensive and easy to realize! Which one are you doing first?