15 unusual and cool ways to use concrete blocks in the garden!

Who would have thought that you can create these beautiful decorative pieces using concrete blocks?

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Concrete blocks can be an easy material to use in the garden! Think about it, they are cheap and versatile.

They are found in several stores, they are durable and can bring a timeless aesthetic to our yard.

With the nice weather coming soon and the free time that confinement can offer, it's a good time to embark on a project that will bring a little something to our summer at home!

To do this, here are 15 photo-inspirations!

1. A pot for plants

Here's a very simple and economical way to add a touch of cheer to the terrace. A colorful block with stencils to accommodate a pretty plant.

source: designimprovised.com

2. A bench

By forming a base with the concrete blocks, like you would do with LEGOs and by placing a board and colorful cushions on it, you get a beautiful place to relax!

source: BHG

3. An outdoor fireplace

Set up a warm gathering place for you and your guests by creating a outdoor fireplace using concrete blocks.

source: thedirtyloft.wordpress.com

4. A chic flowerbed

This contemporary layout is incredibly chic, while costing only a few dollars!


5. A mosaic garden area

What a lovely little space for gardening!

source: thesurvivalgardener.com

6. An outdoor counter

A superb, friendly place to enjoy the beautiful summer days in good company.

source: thesurvivalgardener.com

7. A decorative structure

To place candles, plants, seasonal decorations ... anything that makes you feel happy!

source: decorhomeideas.com

8. A pyramid for succulents

Or for any other plantation.

source: Pinterest

9. Colorful flower boxes

Concrete paints well, after all!

source: Pinterest

10. An urban bench

Give your property a little park look by building this!

11. A garden bar

Another beautiful gathering area in the backyard!

source: BHG

12. A small intimate corner

To chat over a cocktail or a beer.

source: BHG

13. A small staircase

Very convenient if your property has a slope.

source: thefigure5.wordpress.com

14. A centerpiece

Super pretty, on a picnic table or outdoor patio set!

source: thefigure5.wordpress.com

15. A little plant corner

Where you can grow herbs or plants.

source: Pinterest

Which one is your favourite? Are you going to try one of these ideas in your own garden?