15 very original ways to decorate your garden and backyard with bricks.

Surprising ideas made with bricks!

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Do you have some bricks from a project you've done lately?

You did not know what to do with these bricks and bring them back to the store is not planned?

Well, maybe you could use these bricks to decorate your garden?

We rarely think of using bricks to decorate our gardens!

We thought of concrete slabs, but not small bricks ...

And after seeing all these ideas, if you do not have a brick at home, you may be tempted to buy some!

Here are 15 ideas to decorate the garden with bricks:

1) Use bricks to make a nice planter and add gravel around this planter.

Source: pinterest.fr

2) Create a circle in the ground to put a big flowerpot in the garden.

Source: practic-ideas.com

3) Make a 2-level border for a beautiful finish in a flower bed in front of the house. Make sure to always hide the holes in the bricks.

Source: kloudiia.com

4) Use bricks to make candle holders and add some tealights..

Source: .abcbricksales.com.au

5) Make a pattern or path made of bricks, and add colored pebbles in the center of this pattern.

Source: pinterest.com

6) Decorate an artificial pond with red bricks!

Source: mmeara.wordpress.com

7) Use a permanent marker to make labels for the garden.

Source: simpledetailsblog.blogs.pot.ca

8) With bricks, it is easy to make a spiral-shape garden.

Source: pinterest.com

9) Succulent plants manage to survive in very little soil! They are also a bit like cacti, they need very little water, so they love dry soil and the sun. Spray water onto them with from time to time.

Source: curbly.com

10) The bricks will allow you to make fun patterns and you can mix them with white stones!

Source: home-dzine.co.za

11) Do you dream of a fountain in your garden? Red bricks are also an alternative!

Source: fishpub.blogspot.ca

12) A tower made of bricks will be perfect to make a terracotta bird feeder.

Source: robinsnestingplace.blogspot.ca

13) With exterior paint, decorate the garden for the children.

Source: quirkycool.blogspot.ca

14) You have to be very patient to make a brick arch like this one. Because you have to wait until the cement is completely dry before adding fresh cement and one more brick.


15) So, do you like these ideas? Let us know if you like them and share these ideas with your friends who would like to take advantage of these great ideas!

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