15 ways to reuse your plastic bottles and make something useful with them

Recycle your plastic bottles!

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Even if we do not believe it too much, summer will come this year! And despite all our best intentions to make the planet a cleaner, safer and greener place, we're probably all going to have some plastic bottles lying around. Because we sometimes forget reusable bottles, or we don't have enough reusable bottles for events like a picnic. And sometimes we buy some drinks in motorway service areas or in public places.

So, why don't we reuse them ?

Here are some ways to reuse these plastic bottles and get something useful from them.

1. Wine glasses markers

It's really easy to cut out and paint shapes from water bottles to make classy wine glass markers.

You can also create napkin ring holders and organize a great barbecue with your neighbors!

source: Portal de Artesanato

2. A sprinkler

If you have a water bottle and a hose, you are ready for the heat wave.

Drill holes in the bottle, attach it to the garden hose with waterproof tape.

Open faucets and have fun !

source: Housing a Forest

3. A nice flowerpot

Twine, soil, a plant and a plastic bottle. You have a nice pot for your plant!

source: A Charming Project

4. A "jet pack"!

Two large plastic bottles, the straps of an old backpack, fabric ... Let your creativity run wild to make a great toy, your kid will have a lot of fun!

source: Doodle Craft

5. Lanterns

Cut off the top of plastic bottles and fill them with lights. Wrap the bottle with layers of paper in which you will cut out shapes and you will get beautiful lanterns. Use LED lights so that it does not get too hot.

source: Oh Oh Blog

6. A lava lamp

Clear water bottles are perfect for making a lava lamp.

You will find easy recipes on the Internet to make a lava lamp with Alka-Seltzer, food coloring and vegetable oil.

source: Education.com

7. A pencil case

Take children's crayons everywhere this summer in this homemade pencil case.

Cut two plastic bottles. Glue a zipper on both the plastic bottles with hot glue and you're done!

source: Instructables

8. Self-watering planters.

The string in the bottom of the planter acts like a wick, drawing up water to the plant as it needs it. Here, no overwatering. You can see exactly when you need to add more water.

source: Seattle Sundries

9. A jewelry stand

Three plastic bottles, a metal rod and some nuts and washers will allow you to create an nice and solid jewelry stand.

source: Epbot

10. A bird feeder

If you agree to sacrifice a few wooden spoons, you can make a bird feeder with a bottle.

Just make the holes in the bottle slightly larger than the wooden handles so that the bird feed spills out onto the spoons.

source: Handimania|Spoonful

11. Snake bubbles

You can make snake bubbles with a simple cut-off water bottle.

Just cut the bottom of the water bottle off and slip a sock on top. After you dip the sock end in a bubble solution, you can make bubble snakes by blowing through the neck of the bottle.

source: One Little Project

12. To paint

Make a beautiful cherry tree, for example, with the bottom of a bottle and paint.

source: Alpha Mom

13. A vase

A plastic bottle can make a fancy vase.

Cut the water bottle open and then make even slits down the sides. With some folding and weaving, you get a vase that looks like it's made of glass for all the beautiful bouquets of flowers that your children will offer you this summer.

source: Handimania| wikiHow

14. A water bottle drip feeder

Put a bottle pierced with holes and wrapped with a nylon stocking in the ground near your plants, leaving the bottle open. Pour water in the bottle and your plant will have the necessary hydration.

source: The Gardening Cook

15. A mini greenhouse

You can use plastic bottles to create mini greenhouses for your cuttings.

This is the perfect way to start seeds. And, terra cotta flowerpots add a rustic touch!

source: Blomsterverkstad