16 brilliant inspiring ideas to create an oasis in your garden

Molded or customized from A to Z, you will have the choice

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Have you always dreamed of having a water garden where goldfish could swim between rushes and water lilies in your garden?

Or a little oasis with water so blue it would make you want to dip your feet in when the heat waves become unbearable in the summer?

Did you know that it is easier than ever to create this kind of decor in your garden? Small basins or molded oases are now available that can simply be placed in the ground and decorated afterwards. You will be even more surprised to learn that you can add a cascade or a waterfall to these little oases, are available in different formats. It is therefore possible to build oases customized to your tastes.

So, if the steps for making a standard basin were keeping you from creating one of these, this might help make you a little less intimidated?

Here are 16 wonderful inspiring ideas to create an oasis in your garden:

1) Choose the format of your oasis and the number of steps you want to add to your waterfall.


2) A waterfall in one piece is also a nice option


3) For those who prefer natural oases without flowers


4) For all those who prefer an oasis with many, many colors! Notice the little chickadees?


5) Stones give a pool of water a very older look.


6) Rushes and water lilies are the most popular plants to add to water ponds.


7) The white stones bring out the colorful flowers in an incredible way!


8) Notice the inverted pitcher that also pours water into the back of the water fountain. Original isn't it?


9) A two-level pond is interesting for the water color effect that depth can bring.


10) If you are comfortable, a basin made from A to Z can be truly be customized to your tastes and according to all your criteria.


11) You must first dig a hole in the desired size, then add geotextile fabric, decorate and add a pump powerful enough for the size of the basin built.


12) But regardless of the pool, be it precast or customized from A to Z, they all need a water pump. Otherwise the water will stagnate. Once the water pump is placed behind the basin, camouflage it with decorations of your choice.

Source: giardinaggio.it

13) If you have trouble keeping your water lilies alive, there are some beautiful artificial replicas these days.


14) And even if you only have a small piece of land, there are very small models of molded oases

Source: YouTube videoRoberto Perogoraro

15) Stones all around a body of water will give a completely different look to a pool.


16) One can even raise the landscaping to create another dimension.


And here is a video tutorial for more details:

Source: Youtube videoBrico

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