16 clever ways to organize your drawers and closets

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Do you manage to keep the drawers and closets of your home perfectly tidy all the time? Do you sometimes open a drawer or a closet and it's completely messy inside? Or are you so obsessed with storage that everything is always tidy? Probably not ... Otherwise you probably would not have clicked on this article. People who are really organized have their own techniques, their own methods and they won't change.

If you clicked on this link, it is probably because you are looking for solutions to be no more ashamed by opening the closet in the entryway when there are unexpected guests, or no longer having to take all the clothes out of a drawer to find one particular t-shirt. Am I right? Do not be embarrassed, you are no the only one. Many people are like you. Lack of time and organization are the reasons for these messy closets and drawers. But we can fix it. And here are some solutions.

Here are 16 clever ways to organize closets and drawers:

1) Get the shoe boxes to make a drawer organizer. Store the bras so they won't be damaged.

Source: Real Simple

2) Boxes are very practical in a drawer to store jewels, sunglasses and watches.

Source: pinterest.fr

3) Add pool noodles in the boots to keep them upright and prevent the leather from cracking.

Source: reddit

4) Fold the T-shirts and place them vertically in the drawers to see all your T-shirts as soon as you open your drawers. No more mess!

Source: All Day Chic

5) Place all hangers on the same side (turn them all backwards). At the end of a year, donate all the clothes that have not been worn, to a charity.

Source: HeartWork Organizing

6) Store all your scarves on hangers in the closet.

Source: Kat Black Designs

7) Take ice cube trays to store your jewelry in the drawer of one of the two bedside tables in your bedroom.

Source: tiphero.com

8) Prepare all the clothes you will wear for the week to save time in the morning.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

9) Get a laundry basket that you can hang behind the door of the bedroom or the door of the closet, to save space.

Source: Do not Disturb This Groove

10) Cut a PVC pipe to organize the drawers.

Source: Better Homes and Garden

11) Use shower curtain rings to store your jeans and shorts in the closet.

Source: Monica Rose

12) Store the flat sheet, fitted sheet and pillowcase in the 2nd pillow case for a perfectly tidy closet.

Source: Martha Stewart

13) Use plastic compartments to store underwear

Source: apartment therapy

14) Install hooks to hang suitcases above the closet door. You can save space !

Source: Her Campus

15) Take cardboard boxes to store shoes in the closet.

Source: pixgood

16) And finally ... Save space in your closet using soda can tabs.

Source: Wallpeg Store

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