16 great ideas to create a nice fire pit area in your backyard

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Fire pits may not be allowed in all Quebec cities, but BBQ is not forbidden! So if you are thinking of building a fire pit to warm up your long summer evenings, you also need a grill, lots of sausages and marshmallows !

You still do not know what style you want for your fire pit? Here are some good ideas to inspire you. Remember that the bricks or stones you choose should be heat resistant. Otherwise they will eventually burst because of the intense heat and all your efforts would be wasted.

Here are 16 great fire pit ideas to make for the garden:

1) With beautiful stones, you can make a beautiful fire pit and a wall! This sounds complicated? It is not ! Use quality and heat resistant stone, and glue for cement!

Source: Christian Grantham

2) We often use the old washing machine drum to make fire pit in campsites. They are resistant and can last a few years.

Source: House and Fig

3) It is important to put stones at the bottom of your fire pit, to avoid any fire in your garden! It's very dangerous, so be careful and avoid forest fires.

Keeping It Simple

4) Pour concrete and add concrete slabs, to make a beautiful fire pit like this!

Source: DIY Network

5) One of the most beautiful idea of this article. Made of stones and bricks, this fire pit is simple, but beautiful!

Source: Menards

6) A model with a wall! An original idea! Much more decorative than useful, the wall does not stop the wind, since it is already leaning against a wall.

Source: Garden Thyme With The Creative Gardener

7) A huge fire pit! The advantage of using natural stones is that you do not have to pay to make the fire pit, so if you find a lot of stones, you can build a huge fire pit!

Source: Hometalk

8) All in red bricks! As mentioned above, be sure to take heat-resistant bricks.

Source: TuffGuard Hose

9) After washing machine drum, here is a truck wheel! A very original idea! A nice way to recycle!

Source: Handimania

10) A mixture of stones and gravel! An excellent idea!

Source: Instructables

11) Tabletop fire pits are also an excellent alternative for those who do not have a garden. You can buy them in all department stores.

Source: The Art of Doing Stuff

12) A mix of different shapes and colors for an impressive structure!

Source: Tools 2 Tiaras

13) Keep it simple! Black metal will always be very nice and modern!

Source: The Brick House

14) A mix of gray and red bricks and stones!

Source: Piximus

15) The choice of the color of the stones is just perfect with the rusty metal that holds them! That's wonderful!

Source: Homestead Economics via YouTube

16) And finally ... Concrete blocks and a simple grill! It can't be easier and it's cheap! This is a great idea!

Source: Lowes

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