16 photos that show us the extreme heat of summer 2021.

Climate change is definitely worrisome!

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If you don't believe in climate change, these pictures will definitely make you reconsider! Some of them are even disturbing!

The summer 2021 is one of the hottest ever with the temperatures exceeding our expectations. In some countries they reached up to 50°C/122°F! 

Everything is melting and animals are trying to find shelter in the shade or in a watering hole!

Here are 16 pictures that are quite scary and show us just how hot this summer was. 

1. "It was pretty hot in Korea today"

This is the probably the coolest spot this poor dog could find!

Pandainvasion2k17 reddit

2. "This walk-in freezer is supposed to sit at temperatures around -10."

It is very hard to keep products cool!


3. "Seattle grocery stores in a heat wave just as bad as before a snow storm!"

It's way too hot for cooking!


4. "You know it's hot in Florida when..."

Even the birds are looking for shade! 


5. "It's so hot here in CA that this gas station puts covers on the door handles to prevent one from burning their hands."



6.  "The heat cooked my roses!"

A tough year for gardeners. 


7. "Left my cassette adapter in the car in the hot sun. Result: hottest mixtape of the year"

Be careful of what you leave in the car! 


8. "A security man in Egypt decided to cover the dog's paws to protect him from the hot pavement."

If it's too hot for you, it's probably too hot for your dog!


9. " Decided to do some cooking outside during phoenix's 118-degree heatwave today ? "

A new way to bake!


10. "Guy in hot AZ heat did not want his dogs paws to burn so he pulls him in cooler."

When you really want to go for a walk!

Suspicious Guidance/reddit

11. "Its a bit hot in Australia today"

This is not normal!


12. "These birds making use of limited shade on a hot day"

There are lining in the only shade available!

mosskin woast/reddit

13. "The heatwave in Britain made these cans explode in the vending machine"

Can't even get a cold drink!


14. "Saw this while walking through a small town in VA" 

"It's nice to know that someone is looking out for all the pups in this summer heat."


15. "When I asked him what he was doing his response was simple "I'm hot""

When you don't have A/C at home!


16. "How we beat the heat in Australia. Ice cold can on a warm belly."

He looks so cozy!


How was your summer 2021 so far? Was your region affected by the heat waves?