16 photos that show what happens when you ask your husband to do something!

These are hilarious! How many happened to you?

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If you have been married for a little while now, you probably know that sometimes "Wonderful Hubby"  can make some pretty basic mistakes with the housework. Luckily for us, BuzzFeed created a list of the 16 worst mistakes made by husbands so we can have a little laugh about it! Maybe your husband isn't that bad after all. 

1. We have no idea why, but this husband ironed a plastic bag!

2. This Hubby thought he could dry his shirt in the microwave oven! Sorry buddy, it doesn't work that way. 

3. Who opens up sausage package like this?!

4. When you ask him to hang the bananas... 

5.  This poor man put the wrong detergent in the dish-washer. What a mess!

6. I asked my husband for six potatoes; he brings me five with a tiny little one! 

7.  When you ask Hubby for the 100th time to put the handles on the cupboards and he puts then facing the wrong way ! :-( 

8. The way Hubby clips the bag of chips - the bag isn't even closed!

9. If you are shorter than you significant other, they will always try to prank you!

10.  Husband said : There is still paper on the roll! Really pushing his luck...

11. When he does change the roll, he puts the wrong kind of paper!

12. Or he leaves the empty roll on the hanger!  Which one is worse?

13. When being asked to put the pasta leftovers away, this Hubby leaves it in the cabinet!

14.  My husband really thought that I wouldn't see he missed a spot while painting the bathroom...

15.  I was late from work and asked Hubby to put spaghetti on the stove ; I came home to this... 

16. What about this refrigerator message?!

Did your husband commit any of these hilarious mistakes? All kidding aside, we love our partners and appreciate the effort, maybe one day they'll finally learn!