17 pictures of the most beautiful libraries in the world

It's beautiful!

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We love the books or not, we are respectful and admiratidfs before these buildings. Some libraries are real architectural treasures.

Several photographers took splendid pictures of the most beautiful libraries in the world and when we look at them we want to travel to visit these libraries!

If you do not want to book airline tickets right now, check out some photos posted on Instagram.

1. The Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library, in Antwerp, Belgium

The Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library was built in 1481, with only 41 books. The City Library had become one of the main reference libraries in Flanders.

2. The Strahov Library

With its collections of more than 200,000 books, the Strahov Library is one of the most valuable and best preserved libraries in Europe.

3. José Vasconcelos Library, Mexico City, Mexico

4. The Felipe de Neve Public Library, Los Angeles, United States

Named in honor of California's first governor and founder of Los Angeles, The Library Felipe De Neve was added to the National Register of Historic Places

5. Sainte-Geneviève Library, Paris, France

The library Sainte-Geneviève is a library located at 10, place du Panthéon, in the 5tharrondissement of Paris and has about two million books.

6. The Rijksmuseum Library, Amsterdam, Netherlands

This library is located in a museum that contains exceptional books.

7. Real Gabinete Português de Leitura,Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This library is one of the architectural gems of the nineteenth century, in Rio, with its Neo-Manueline architecture (inspired by many Portuguese religious buildings, especially the Monastery of St. Jerome in Lisbon) was inaugurated in 1837 by Emperor Dom Pedro II, and it has more than 350,000 books, including many old books.

8. The Boston Public Library, Boston, United States

This Boston Library has 14.9 million books, 600,000 photographs, drawings and engravings of Rembrandt, Dürer, Rowlandson, Goya, Daumier, Toulouse-Lautrec and 350,000 old maps. It also includes a million manuscripts.

9. The State Library of Victoria , in Melbourne, Australia

The garden of this beautiful library is a popular place for local employees and students of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, they come here for lunch.

10. The Strahov Library, Prague, Czech Republic

On the other side of the Vltava River, in Prague, is Strahov Monastery, built in the XIIth century. The most impressive part of the place is the two libraries that date back to the end of the 17th century and are called the Theological Hall.

11. The New York Public Library, New York, United States

The New York Public Library, orPublic Libraryis the second largest library in the country. It's divided in several places, but it's the one ofBryant Parkwhich is the most famous and the most impressive. The huge building with its high ceilings, wide staircases and mysterious halls is definitely worth a visit. The entrance of the library is guarded by two stone lions, calledPatienceandFortitude.

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12. The National Library of Latvia, Riga, Latvia

The National Library of Latvia was formed in 1919 after the independent Republic of Latvia was proclaimed in 1918. Today, there are more than 5 million books.

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13. University Library, Leuven, Belgium

Here is another superb library to visit in Belgium !

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14. The National Library of China, Beijing, China

This place gives the impression that we can learn so many things !


15. House of the Redeemer Library, New York, United States

A quiet place in the heart of the big apple!

16. National Library, Vienna, Austria

The State Room, the heart of this library, is one of the most beautiful libraries in the world. It is also the largest baroque library in Europe!

17. The Stuttgart Municipal Library, Stuttgart, Germany

The simple design of this white library is almost mesmerizing. Ready to read and learn!