18 beautiful ideas to decorate your garden differently!

With all these beautiful ideas, your garden will be the most beautiful of the neighborhood!

Tips and Crafts

If you do not like to do things like everyone, if you do not like to have the same furniture that everyone gets, that you prefer to have your own style, if you prefer to create or buy original decorations to have a decor that is out of the ordinary, draw inspiration from these 18 beautiful ideas to create your own garden decor.

Get inspired by original ideas to have the most beautiful and original garden in the neighborhood! Create a garden decor that suits you. Do you prefer exotic decorations? Or the zen decorations? The ideas suggested here will help you.

Here are 18 beautiful ideas to decorate your garden differently :

1) Illuminate a path with stones painted with glow-in-the-dark paint! Use white stones. You will find this kind of stones in garden centers.

Source: sonsuzdekorasyon.blogspot.com

2) Create patterns by planting seeds in your garden!

Source: garden-photos-com

3) Use flower vases, saucers and tea cups to create garden decorations.

Source: dishfunctionaldesigns.blogspot.com

4) Add coconut fiber in the bottom of a birdcage before adding soil, then plant the flowers of your choice.

Source: ishouldbemoppingthefloor.com

5) Create patterns in the lawn and use black mulch.

Source: Picasaweb

6) Let the children paint stones and make nice decoration in the garden.

Source: astrollthrulife.net

7) Get an old door to make a Potting Bench. The perfect place to garden.

Source: fleamarketgardening.org

8) Use wooden crates and to grow your cacti. Your garden will have a Mexican-style , it's really beautiful !

Source: goodshomedesign.com

9) White string lights are perfect for lighting a very long flower bed.

Source: christmas lights etc

10) A fabric on metal wire will give an exotic-style to your garden!

Source: crafts by amanda

11) Use old flat sheets and attach them to hula hoops with silk ribbon before hanging them to the trees to make sunshades for the children. A great idea to make during heat waves.

Source: alannageorge.com 

12) Use fake crystals of a chandelier and an old watering can to make a beautiful decoration for the garden.

Source: craftsbyamanda.com

13) A round pine board and a milk jug painted in red will make a beautiful garden table.

Source: fussy monkey biz

14) Make a hanging shelf and put candles and plants.

Source: erin ever after

15) An outside curtain is very useful when one wants to protect from the rays of the sun or the rain.

Source: home depot

16) Get old windows and add flowers in the planters!

Source: Pinterest

17) Make a blackboard for the children by applying several layers of chalkboard paint on a plywood board and make a nice colored frame. Then fix the blackboard on the fence outside in the garden.

Source: the-good-life-blog.com

18) Use old frames and paint them in white. Then frame all your flower pots!

Source: fivepaintedlane.com