18 cool ways to reuse your old bed sheets!

Now is a good time to let your creativity run free!

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Many of us are used to keeping things that we no longer use, that are damaged or that we don't like too much, in case we ever need it again. 

This is often the case with bedding, which we literally let sleep in the back of a closet.

But why keep it, if you don't use it anymore? The logic would be to throw away what has become unusable, or to donate. 

But wait! You can give almost anything a second life! It’s practical, economical, ecological and time-consuming, especially in this period of confinement. ;-) 

Quickly go check the shelves from your wardrobe! Take out your abandoned sheets and see how you can transform them easily. 

1. PJ pants

It is the essential item for everything confined! Instead of ordering new comfortable pants on the web, simply make them with the soft fabric of the bed sheets!

source: duckyhouse

2. Pillows & comforter cover

Maybe your sheets weren't suitable for your new mattress, but if you find them pretty, you can use them to decorate your bed otherwise!

source: mypoppet

3. Protect the garden

For cold nights, a sheet can be very practical on the gardening area.

source: wimp

4. Beach playpen 

A fitted sheet with objects to hold the corners and that's it! Baby can play on its defined territory

source: wimp

5. Dogs toys 

By braiding old sheets, you can make Doggie very happy!

source: wimp

6. Teepee

A little corner to read, play with stuffed animals, dream of a better world ... Superb

source: placeofmytaste

7. Reusable bag

What a great idea! This kind of bag is always practical and when you want to respect the planet, it is better to recover the materials instead of buying new bags. 

source: spiderwomanknits

8. Pillow for pets 

It is known, our animals like to snuggle up in our sheets. So we invite them to lie on their own cushion, made with foam and an old sheet!

source: modernhepburn

9. Table napkins

A very simple sewing project; we cut napkins and sew the edges. Easy! 

source: littlethings

10. Laundry bag 

For the dirty clothes of young adults who will one day return to do laundry at dad and mom, or for the dirty clothes to bring back from trip (because we will one day be able to travel again), a bag formed by a sheet and a rope can be very practical!

source: momtastic

11. Quilt

If you have sheets of different colors, here is a cool idea!

source: indulgy

12. Hamac 

Another way to sleep in your sheets!

source: practicalprimitive

13. Wall decorations

Scraps of sheets, a little embroidery and imagination is all you need!

14. Pillow case

Is there a small hole or stain on your favorite sheet? Keep it to make a soft and stylish pillowcase!

source: sew4home

15. Apron

It will get dirty anyways! Don't buy new! 

source: pinterest – artsandcrafts

16. Summer dress

No one will imagine that your pretty summer dress comes from your old bedding! 

source: trevorlovesmommy

17. Carpet

Pretty and convenient for the front door entrance. 

source: littlethings

18. Bathrobe 

And if you want an interesting lining, you can use bath towels!

source: pinterest

Which one is your favourite idea?