18 creative ideas to recycle your household linens and fabric scraps!

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Before throwing a colored flat sheet, an old stained tablecloth or scraps of fabric your grandmother had left you in the attic, take the time to see these wonderful ideas!

You will realize very quickly that all this fabric, can become a real small treasure when we have an ideas in mind!

All these scraps of fabrics, sheets and tablecloths with holes or stains, could save you a lot of money...

Here are 18 creative ideas to reuse all household linens and fabric scraps:

1) Make colorful key rings with your favorite colors!

Source: livingwithpunks.com

2) Keep all your cards in a handmade card holder.

Source: craftycupboard.ne

3) Get colorful fabrics to make a comfortable rug for you baby!

Source: awaitingada.com

4) Make pretty cloud-star-heart-shaped cushions, with pastel colors for a nursery ....

Source: niechajszyje.blogspot.com

5) Make small bags for potpourris.

Source: marthastewart.com

6) Use small embroidery hoops to make these adorable little pin cushions

Source: blog.lesfusettes.com

7) Use the patchwork method to make a very practical bag to take cosmetic products.

Source: tartineetpoesie.typepad.fr

8) Get the buckle of an old belt to make a brand new one!

Source: papelhiloblog2.blogspot.fr

9) Make a memory game, with tissues!

Source: leroyaumedephysalis.wordpress.com

10) These purses are so adorable!

Source: headventuresofbluegirlxo.blogspot.fr

11) The patchwork is very useful to make very warm blankets in felt!

Source: recovergirl.wordpress.com

12) Make fun apple-shaped potholders!

Source: jolijou.com

13) A "trinket bowl" is always very useful in a bedroom or in the entrance.

Source: jolijou.com

14) With fabrics and ribbons of different textures, it is easy to make this toy for your baby.

Source: mgrenouille.wordpress.com

15) Offer handmade bookmarks to your friends!

Source: aglae.eklablog.com

16) These little bags will protect your iPhone headphones

Source: erinerickson.com

17) Make "dry" grain hot-water-bottle with rice, and quickly warm it in the microwave

Source: guideastuces.com

18) Cover a circle of cork with fabric by gluing it with Tacky Glue or other glue designed for fabric.

Source: ateliersvila.fr