18 decorative Provencal inspired ideas

Do not just decorate with plain old green plants!

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If you like decorations with a rustic twist and you like plants, this is for you! 

Do not just decorate your home with green plants. Add some style, some decoration around these plants. 

And the Provencal style is a very beautiful style to work with, which goes perfectly with several other styles of flavor of the month decorating 

Here are 18 Provencal-inspired ideas for decorating your house with plants:

1) A simple metal basket used as a shelf, or rather as a frame to support a recycled glass jar, transformed into a vase for cut flowers.How to fix it to the wall? See that little gold thumbtack?


2) Place your small plants in an old wooden toolbox on the kitchen counter. It's quite charming as a flowerpot.


3) An old step ladder will serve as a beautiful shelf for all your little green plants. Choose the appropriate pots and decor.


4) Add wooden and metal decorations here and there to accompany all the decorations of your green plants. 


5) Old and very worn chairs are ideal for this kind of decor. They make beautiful flowerpot holders.


6) Get a foot and a headboard to make a beautiful wall decoration and hang all your favorite small plants!


7) Recycle glass pots and bottles.


8) A nice tree branch can be used to decorate and may be useful to dry your herbs in the kitchen.


9) The old mechanical parts are also very nice to showcase in the Provencal style.


10) Daffodils or yellow flowers and white! Must-sees when you think Provencal style.


11) Go for simplicity. Provencal decorations are always very simple and pretty. 


12) Green plants and metal marry beautifully in the Provencal style.


13) But wood and white also marry well for decorating in the Provencal style.


14) Do not get rid of all your old cooking dishes. See what we can do with them. 


15) The Wicker baskets of all kinds are also perfect for making plant holders. 


16) An old ladder! A wonderful idea to hang all your green plants in a room of your choice.


17) Or, wooden crates fixed on an old board, painted white, but in a neglected fashion and fixed to the wall will be perfect for the style!


18) That's a great idea too! Wood and metal together!


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