18 very frustrating product packaging!

The creators should be prosecuted! It's really laughing at consumers!

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Food and product packaging has a big influence on consumer choices. Attractive design, package that looks generous, etc.

But some designers should be punished, as their packaging is either very misleading, or is a sign of total ecological unconsciousness!

Here are some examples that have frustrated consumers ...

1. After the 4 cheese pizza ...

The 3 pepperoni pizza!

source: drewsoulman / Reddit

2. A container of pencils

Not as full as you might think at first.

source: Angel_Muffin / Reddit

3. A disappointment when you are ready to snack...

Better for the diet, but frustrating in case of cravings.

source: lilymgoh / Reddit

4. An ecological crime!

The worst part is that people buy them ...

source: Ecoblog Nonoa / facebook

5. A broken promise

Do you see the difference?

source: reen_buddha_cacti / Reddit

6. The actual amount of product in the tube.


source: _gr3y / Reddit

7. A large container of hair wax

That doesn't contain that much product!

source: Manuel4587 / Reddit

8. Another environmental insult

We are without words!

9. Cookie packaging 

What did they do here?

source: phancylewell / Reddit

10. A big box.

For a small content. 

source: nzscion / Reddit

11. A nice big packaging of cheese ...

Filled with air!

source: Lluc004 / Reddit

12. 3oz, this is not what the container make us believe

Not at all...

source: jleedoughnut / Reddit

13. A container of slightly misleading ice cream.


source: Yyir / Reddit

14. The proof that you shouldn't trust a storefront ...

So much wasted plastic!

source: 3cuas / Reddit

15. Disappointment!

But who are we kidding here?

source: MisterKiko / Reddit

16. A roll of stickers

Or some stickers on a roll ...

source: not_james / Reddit

17. A pack of very misleading piece of beef

The illusion that a piece of cardboard can cause!

source: rawghi / Reddit

18. Santa Claus is a con!

Misleading Christmas boot!

source: PigeonsOnYourBalcony / Reddit