19 clever hiding places to store your valuables in your house

Store your precious stuff safe from thieves

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You certainly have valuables such as jewels, money or confidential papers that you want to store in safe places, safe from thieves

If they are in a shoebox on the shelf of your bedroom wardrobes, they are not safe at all. The thieves know the most common hiding places so you have to be cleverer to defeat them.

Here are 19 clever hiding places to stash your valuables inside your home:

* For important papers, insert them in an envelope that will be hidden in the filter of your vacuum cleaner.

* Air vents make excellent hiding places - Thieves don't have time to unscrew the grid when inspecting your home ...

* Before, all houses had a secured safe under a stair step. You can do the same by installing piano hinges inside the step.

* Do you have flower pots? Hide money, a USB key or jewelry in a pill jar and insert it into the ground. Nobody will suspect anything!

* When installing small wooden rods inside a drawer, make a false bottom like this one. Store your valuables in the drawer and place the false bottom on the rods.

* Thieves never expect to find valuables in children's rooms. Use this information to your advantage!

* Take a look at the top of your kitchen cabinets. There is often a gap between cabinets. Store your important papers in an envelope and place paper clips at the top of the envelope.

* At the base of your cabinets, there is often a molding that hides a hollow space. Use this valuable space to hide your valuables.

* This tip is easy to make and will perfectly work to hide your money or jewels ... Pick up a jar of mayonnaise in the recycling bin and clean it. Paint the interior with a cream spray paint taking care to scratch the paint in the top of the jar (so it's more realistic).

Add your stuff in a plastic bag and insert it inside the jar. Put the fake jar of mayonnaise in your fridge next to the other condiments. The illusion in perfect!

* Several refrigerators and dishwashers have a removable grill that can be a pefect hiding place ... Make good use of it!

* Be cunning! The thieves will not think of searching the pockets of an old pair of jeans hanging among many others clothes ... However, don't send the garment to charities :)

* In the garage, use an old paint can to hide your valuables and leave it on the shelf with the others.

* With a pvc pipe, you can easily replicate this subterfuge ...

* Do you have wooden doors? Remember to drill a hole in the top of the door so you can insert a bottle of pill jar or a cigar tube. Your stuff will be safe!

* As for the pvc pipe tip, the pipes for the electric cables can also be clever hiding places.

* The old hiding places are always effective ... Insert your valuables into an envelope and hide it inside a bed base or behind an electrical appliance ...

Source / images: Family Handyman