2 adults and 2 children can live in this tiny house!

A solar-powered tiny house!

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A tiny house with modern decor !

This mobile home powered by solar panels could be the perfect solution for those who want an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Waskman Design Studio and Culdesac created this tiny house for Vodafone to promote its solar-powered fixed phone and internet wireless service.

It seems that 2 adults and 2 children can live in the tiny house !

Are you curious to discover more ? Come see the pictures, I think the interior will surprise some of you !

It only remains for me to wish you a good visit !

A house with a unique design

Let's be honnest, the interior of this house is really modern. The details make all the difference in this tiny house.

The house is 6 meters in length, has a width of 2.5 meters and stands at 3.85 meters high. The living room features four seats.


The house on wheels is made of white polyethylene panels and transparent polycarbonate. It may be towed by a four-wheel drive vehicle.

We can not ignore the glass wall, open on the outside. This is a house that does not lack brightness!

Dining room

The dining table is actually made with the door of a storage cabinet; we lift up the door, and here we have a table! It can also be used as a desk.


We can not deny that this house has a lot of storage spaces; a complete wall ! Every inch must be used in a small space like that.


The kitchen is small. There are two burner gas stove and a large sink. I imagine there is also a mini-fridge and a microwave somewhere. There are various storage cabinets. What about the brightness of this room?


The shower in the bathroom amazes me by its size. There is obviously a toilet in the bathroom and a tiny sink.


The loft is built differently. We are not used to see this kind of closed construction in a tiny house.

Master bedroom

I am pleasantly surprised by the master bedroom, it has a nice simple decor, the only problem is that ...

Children's bedroom

Adults sleep in the same room as children. Two children are supposed to share the bed adjacent to the parents' bed. What do you think about this idea ?

Do you like the concept ?

And ? What do you think of this house ? Could you imagine a family of 4 living in this tiny house ? Feel free to write a comment !