20 crazy layouts that will leave you baffled.

What were they thinking?!

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Designers obviously have a lot of imagination. However, not all the amenities they can think of are so useful or safe to use...

Dangerous access ramps, mind-blowing staircases are just a few examples of the unusual creations that we may encounter on our outings. 

Here are some examples of mistakes made by designers and architects... and those who made their ideas come true!

1. An accessible ramp or a deadly ramp?

We hope this is a joke! 

source: dancingpianofairy / reddit

2. An access ramp and then stairs ...

What are they supposed to do? 

source; 01aleksander / reddit

3. A watering can for an electric meter. 

Will it grow the bill even more? 

source: ikrok / pikabu

4. We hope the door is locked.

Or somebody could have the surprise of their life! 

source: nameiztaken / reddit

5. A protective barrier. 

Except for a child who can slide through it ...

source: NeogeneRiot / reddit

6. This slide does not really look safe!

What is the purpose?

source: DoritoPup / reddit

7. A natural campfire lighter. 

Not the best idea... 

source: GypsyDiscoFish / reddit

8. Careful! The seats are not very solid.

When there is no renovation budget! 

source: LIMONIUS / pikabu

9. Athletes are at risk of shock.

They better look where they going!

source: YorikY / reddit

10. Great bike path.

With trees in the middle!

source: YorikY / reddit

11. Some people like to live dangerously!

I'm not that thirsty anymore...

source: Helenerne / reddit

12. Totally mind-blowing stairs! 

I am dizzy just look at them!

source: Hun10dog / reddit, © M3strefi / reddit

13. Pedestrians and drivers, cover your eyes!

Not really safe. 

source: le_pah / reddit

14. An emergency exit that is not very accessible...

Unless you can jump very high. 

source: yknowthe1withtheface / reddit

15. A beautiful place to walk in peace ...

You better walk slowly! 

source: iusshpandeh101 / reddit

16. A beautiful park to let the children play when shopping...

They even get some fresh air... 

source: Jeraz0l / reddit

17. An inaccessible pedal.

Who is up for a driving challenge? 

source: HellsJuggernaut / reddit

18. This is a staircase!

Can you believe it? 

source: My_Username_24 / reddit

19. A slightly blinding mud shield ...

We hope you have some great sunglasses! 

source: C0NS0L0 / reddit

20. A slightly dangerous game ...

Boys will love it, but what about moms? 

source: AndrewGlinski / reddit

Which of these designs is the craziest to you? Do you have a strange layout in your town?