20 crochet project patterns that feature cute elephants!

Blankets, soft toys, rugs ... All these ideas are just lovely!

Tips and Crafts

Are you passionate about crochet and looking for new projects to do?

Whether on a blanket or as a heartwarming comforter for a child (or a big one!), There are plenty of ways to make elephants so adorable in all sizes.

Here are some ideas for you. You will find the patterns (free or inexpensive) by clicking on the links for each project.

You will find something that you like or gift ideas to all the people you love and to whom you wish the best of luck in the world! Because we all know that elephants are supposed to be lucky animals! 

1. Adorable soft toys

source: Etsy

Any child will be delighted to receive one to cuddle!

Get the pattern for under $ 8 here.

2. A splendid blanket 

source: Etsy

A wonderful baby shower gift, but also a charming decorative element an "adult" living room.

To get a pattern for less than $9, click here.

3. A baby blanket

source: Etsy

This little elephant blanket is super comforting and will become baby's favorite blanket.

The pattern is available for less than $8 here

4. A beautiful carpet 

source: Etsy

At the foot of the crib or anywhere else in the house, this elephant rug will charm everyone. Baby can also play in comfort.

You can buy the pattern for less than $9 here.

5. A pillow with big elephant ears

Nothing is better than a beautiful soft pillow on the sofa! Even more when it is this pretty! Find the pattern here for less than $9.  

6. A cute elephant and its flower

source: Etsy

It is too adorable, lying like this on its big belly! You can buy the pattern for less than $7 here.

7. A baby elephant

source: Etsy

Its just too cute!  Here is the pattern. 

8. A dressed up elephant 

These little pink cheeks are so adorable! You can have the pattern here. 

9. A baby girl elephant 

source: Etsy

You can find the pattern here.

10. Small adorable elephants 

source: Etsy

Perfect toy for baby's little hands! Find the pattern here..

11. Little Amigurimis 

source: Etsy

These little Japanese inspired crochet creatures are simply adorable. You can have the pattern here for less than $8. 

12. Girly Elephants 

source: Etsy

One small blanket and a plush toy, available here for less than $12.

13. A blue baby blanket 

source: Etsy

Perfect for a little boy, this blanket pattern is available here.

14. A circus elephant

source: BHG

A jolly crochet project, whose free tutorial can be found here.

15. A cute elephant ball 

source: all about Ami

For a cute bouncing elephant, find the pattern here

16.  Big head elephant

source: Etsy

A lovely companion for young and old. Find the pattern, for less than  $8,here.

17.  A stylish elephant family

source: Etsy

You make only one, when you can create a whole family! The pattern sells for less than $ 8 here.

18.  A beautiful playmat

source: The Woot

Find the free pattern of this great mat here.

19. A big elephant

source: Etsy

A really nice pachyderm! The pattern is available for less than $ 10 here.

20. A tiny baby elephant

source: ravelry

This is so cute! The free pattern can be found here

Anything you like? Which one will you do first?