20 customers who had a bad surprised when opening their online purchases.

Misleading packaging or false pictures, there are many disappointments while online shopping!

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Whether shopping on the Internet or in "real" stores, sometimes our hopes are sorely dashed. Misleading packaging, pictures that do not present the real product at all, errors (involuntary… or not?) in the shipments… Before clicking on “order” or paying at the cash register, it is better to be vigilant. Check the dimensions of the product, for example, even if they may be indicated in very small print. Do some research about the seller or the website.

Do you think we are exaggerating? Take a look at the following photos, which are just a tiny sample of all the disappointments experienced by buyers. You will see that we only want your best interest!

1. He ordered a cute pillow for his daughter ... who doesn't have such a small head!

lsmallsl / Reddit

2. His wife bought him awesome Cookie Monster pajamas for Christmas... 

jswoolf / Reddit

3. The t-shirt ordered on the left and the t-shirt received on the right ...

schmopal / Reddit

4. Order a large, cozy blanket and receive something the size of a hand towel ...

lainiemaroulis / Twitter

5. Always check the dimensions when ordering an ironing board over the Internet!

CristinaCriddle / Twitter

6. He bought a headrest on Amazon. He only received a picture of one!

hotted89 / Twitter

7. We can still see the Shutterstock watermark on this shirt ...

silverstatus / Reddit

8. This barbecue was $ 75!!!  

sdedmari / Twitter

9. This rug is the size of an earmuff ...

aine_tierney / Twitter

10. He was expecting 50 lighters and received 50 packets of matches instead.

theunits / Reddit

11. Anticipation and reality ...

PuleMafereka / Twitter

12. This client will have to change her plans!

nudgedout / Reddit

13. Did the seller believe that the customer would not see the difference?

turkturksammy / Reddit

14. Pay top dollar at the movies for an x-large box and find a regular package in it ...

PlatformDiscoFunk / Reddit

15. Do you see the difference between the bouquet ordered and the bouquet received?

PlatformDiscoFunk / Reddit

16. A pan in which you can't even cook an egg.

Slothsome / Reddit

17. Unless Ralph Lauren has changed their logo, this is an imitation.

kangye_stanley / Twitter

18. This mirror really looked beautiful at the store! 

hopeskas / Twitter

19. Amazon ... tell us it's a joke!

conz / Twitter

20. This cat seems to be wondering how his mistress could have been fooled like this.

cewallace9 / Reddit

Do you do a lot of online shopping?