20 ideas to make a garden trellis from recycled items!

A trellis is very useful to supports and train plants to grow up against an object!

Tips and Crafts

Garden trellis are a must to support plants, vines and flowers. They also add a little something to your backyard! But there is no need to go at the store, you can repurpose common items and create very nice DIY trellis. Here are 12 ideas to inspire you!

1. Old Patio Frame

2. Wagon Wheel

3. Garden Tools

4. Baby Crib Mattress Springs 

5. Old Wood Pallet

6. Old Bicycle Wheels

7. Old Crutches 

8. Old Door Gate

9. Old Screen Door

10. Old Mattress Spring

11. Old Ladder

12. Old Headboards

13. T-Post 

Source: Chicken Scratch NY

14. Honeycombs

Source: Mama Needs a Project

15. Arched Trellis

Source : A piece of rainbow

16. Bamboo

Source: Fine Gardening

17. Squash Arch

Source : Get Busy Gardening

18. Wood Obelisk

Source : Oliver and Trust

19. PVC Pipes

Photo: Instructables

20. Natural Look Woods

Photo: Instructables

Which one is your favourite?

Have you started working on your garden yet?