20 inspiring ideas to decorate your house with plants

Get inspired by these ideas to decorate your house with plants!

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When we know that several plants help purify the air in our homes and that they also decorate our homes wonderfully because they have been trendy for a few years, we would be crazy to not have plants in our house.

The simple decorations, all in white with lots of green plants are very trendy! So if you have a green thumb, or if you want to start gardening, this is for you!

Do you have space to add some plants? You can then choose the accessory of your choice to expose them. Here you will find 20 ways to create a space for green plants in the house.

Here are 20 decorative ideas to create a space with green plants in the house:

1) Use wooden crates to create a space for your green plants, Succulent plants and cacti.

Source: decoratualma.com

2) Use a stepladder to put your green plants, succulents and cacti.

Source: lobsterandswan.com

3) Put a ladder against the wall and add your plants.

Source: burkatron.com

4) A wooden tray will be perfect to put 6 small plants in front of a window.

Source: acasita-alessandrataccia.blogspot.ca

5) Use 3 wooden crates to make nice planters.

Source: decoracaoeideias.com

6) This shelves are beautiful for your green plants!

Source: vintagerevivals.com

7) Add green plants in your bathroom for an exotic decor!

Source: homestolove.com

8) Use wicker baskets or braided basket as flowerpots!

Source: homeandgarden.nl

9) Use paper bags, or original bags as planters!

Source: karinecandicekong.com

10) Mix different plants, but also flowerpots and plant stands for a mix of colors and materials.

Source: sheknows.com

11) Add your green plants near your relaxing area !

Source: frenchyfancy.com

12) Get inspired by your travel destinations to decorate your home!

Source: bloodandchampagne.com

13) Or simply drop the flowerpots on the floor and on a nice stool!

Source: thegiftsoflife.tumblr.com

14) Transform a coffee table to put your plants with decorative elements!

Source: pflanzenfreude.de

15) Use storage units to create a space for green plants.

Source: sfgirlbybay.com

16) Or fix the flowerpots to the wall and frame them.

Source: us1.campaign-archive.com

17) Hang as many plants as you can.

Source: labottegadiamrita.tumblr.com

18) Use a coffee table and paint it the same color as the wall so that it becomes almost invisible.

Source: decordots.com

19) Use baking trays and fill them with gravel or small pebbles, then place the trays on the steps of a stepladder. Then place the plants on the stone.

Source: soulouposeto.gr

20) And finally, use a retro-style table to make a small space for your green plants, in a white room for a beautiful contrast.

Source: lily.fi

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