20 original ways to re-use corks!

Do not discard your wine corks, they could be useful!

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20 original ways to re-use corks!

It may not seem like much, but over time, wine enthusiasts open a lot of bottles. Which means a lot of corks to throw away!

But instead of throwing them in the trash, we can make simple but very pretty projects!

Here are 20 ways to give a second life to your corks:

1. A carpet

For the entrance or the bathroom, you can make a beautiful carpet with corks cut in half along the length. Taking a plastic pad for the base and simply glue the corks on with a glue gun. Worth the effort!

Source: craftynest.com

2. A bulletin board

To realize this project, you just have to glue corks in a deep enough frame. To add a little color, you can paint some corks with acrylic paint. You can then pin lists and photos!

Source: deavita.fr

3. Table mats and coasters

With corks and a metal cable clamp, we can protect our furniture from dark circles caused by wet glasses or hot dishes!

Source: Tips Guide

4. A Christmas ball

An easy Christmas decorating idea: stick the corks on a styrofoam ball and hang it with a ribbon. Easy!

Source: Tips Guide

5."Tags" for herbs

Identify your herbs in a practical and original way with this simple system!

Source: thechicsite.com

6. A Christmas tree

Make a charming little Christmas tree with corks stuck on a styrofoam cone. Superb!

Source: etsy.com

7. A centerpiece

To make a decorative candle holder to place at the center of your table, attach corks to a candle holder with string and decorate with flowers or leaves.

Source: etsy.com

8. Napkin rings

Cut slices of corks and connect them with an elastic string, a needle, and beads. This will look beautiful on a festive table!

Source: brasspaperclip.typepad.com

9. An ornament shaped like a snowman

With a stick, 3 cork slices, glue and paint, we can make this cute little snowman to hang on the tree.

Source: gluedtomycraftsblog.com

10. A Christmas wreath

Here is a wreath that will last a long time!

Source: designimprovised.com

11. Storage for jewelry

Aesthetic and practical, this framed jewelry holder will allow you to hang your jewelry wherever you want. Modular, it can adapt to the amount of accessories you want to store and expose.

Source: jaybirdblog.com

12. Wall art

Let your creativity go wild and make a cute piece of art with your caps. For example, a pretty heart with a gradient of colors.

Source: greenweddingshoes.com

13. A bottle holder

This original bottle holder made with corks can accommodate 4 wine glasses and a bottle in the center.

Source: Pinterest

14.An original guestbook

Here is an original and economical idea for a guestbook at a reception. Each guest writes a note on a cork. Imperishable memories!

Source: littlemomentsbigmoments.blogspot.com

15. Place Markers

Assign seats to your guests in an original way. All you need is a small incision to insert a small personalized card and a coin to stick as a base for the cap to stand on the table.

Source: laurakayphoto.com

16. Mini planters

Drill a hole in a cork, fill it with a little potting soil and plant a succulent. If you feel like it, stick a little magnet on the side of the cap to decorate your fridge with your little creations.

Source: upcyclethat.com

17. A romantic decor

Here is a very original decoration to express your love with simple corks. Superbly romantic!

Source: katyanovablog.com

18. An economical key ring

Why spend money for a nice keychain? By inserting a bolt into one of the ends of a cap and sliding a ring into the eye, you have everything you need!

Source: cleverlyinspired.com

19. Inking stamps

Cut a pattern with a knife in a cork and dip it in paint to print pretty designs in notebooks, on envelopes, and more.

Source: Tips Guide

20. A Christmas tree-shaped ornament

With a few corks, a star and some glue, make a charming tree to hang... on your tree!

Source: twowineyladies.com