20 paintings to do with children's feet and hands, perfect to mark the arrival of spring!

These are the perfect keepsake that you can cherish forever!

Tips and Crafts

Here are 20 adorable paintings that require your children's feet and hands!

You can use body colour to reproduce the paintings, or non-toxic paint for children, the one you already use at home.

After you are done, wash the skin with a mild soap, baby wipes or even baby oil be useful.

 1. Caterpillar
Just with little toes, you can make beautiful caterpillars! See more details here.

2. Lilac flowers

Add in the name of your child and date of birth to make a beautiful decoration for a nursery! Available on Etsy.

3. Bunny

This cute bunny was made from a little hand! Perfect for Easter coming up. See all the steps on Crafty Morning

4. Brother and sister frog

This is a great idea for brother/sister or twins! An idea from HandprintCreations.

5. Pink blossoms

This painting can be made using only the tip of their little feet! Click here to see more details.

6. Beautiful tulips 

A perfect gift for Mother's day or any day! An idea from EmmaOwl.

7. Cute little bugs

This is an adorable idea from FunHandPrint for Spring coming soon.

8. Adorable bunny

Create this adorable bunny for Easter or just spring by FunHandPrint.

9. Beautiful flower bouquet

CraftyMorning suggests to create this beautiful lilac bouquet for Mother's day.

10. Baby foot and hand print

Keep your baby hand and foot print forever with this lovely Etsy creation.

11. Flower pot

Personalized your flower pots with your kids feet or hand prints! 

12. Bee mine

Adorable bee with wings! Learn more here.


13. Handprint alphabet

Great idea for older kids to learn the alphabet!

14. Beautiful roses

Another beautiful flower print idea

15. Colourful flowers

There is no colour rules with this craft!

16. Birdies 

These bird paintings are really impressive! By Etsy

17. Flower pot

Let their creativity shine!

18. Butterfly

19. Bee family

Let all the family participate in this painting!

20. Dr Seuss craft

Make Thing 1 and Thing 2! A cool idea from Must Have Mom.