20 pics of people who kept their sense of humor to the grave!

Enough to provoke giggles in the cemetery!

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Some people genuinely have a great sense of humor. And they know how to keep it all their life… and even longer!

While most of us associate cemeteries and their gravestones with sadness or even fear, others manage to elicit laughter and smiles from these places!

Some people have planned their last rest by reserving unusual inscriptions to carve on their tombstones. It's a great way to encourage loved ones to stay happy after we're gone!

Here are some pictures that people have taken from around the world while visiting cemeteries. This might inspire you in your funeral rearrangements, who knows?

After all, we will all die one day… 

1. Seen in a cemetery in Salt Lake City, US: "Life sucks and then u die ..."

jake8rann / reddit.com

2. The holes in this tombstone form the word “dead”

PipBoy808 / reddit.com

3. A Ouija board to continue a discussion! 

Dinoguy89 / reddit.com

4. The grave of a funny grandpa: "Pardon me for not getting up"

ptg723 / imgur.com

5. When you simply do not care “Well, what ever. "


6. You should've listened!  "I told you that I was sick"

yolo-swag4jesus / reddit.com

7. Small disappointment ... "I was hoping for a pyramid"


8. Please do not disturb. "Go away, I'm asleep" 

Arthur Dark / commons.wikimedia.org

9. Paul Scrabble's gravestone!

Arthur Dark / commons.wikimedia.org

10. A very curious message! 

Plazak / commons.wikimedia.org

11. Is that their last name? 

kudrew12 / reddit.com

12. From the movie "Some Like It Hot"! 


13. Short and sweet.


14. “Jesus called and Kim answered” !


15. A couple with a great sense of humor!


16. Change of plan ... 


17. This is the case for all of us ... 


18. They are not wrong!


19. Please give us a sign! 


20. Another couple who must have laughed a lot in their lifetime ...