20 very original sheds only for women and that's why they are called “she-sheds”

The best she-shed on earth! Relax, take a nap..

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Published 5 years ago
20 very original sheds only for women and that's why they are called “she-sheds”

A small paradise space where you go alone, or with your friend? 

Where neither spouse nor child would have the right to come and disturb you? Oh yes! More and more men have one like these!

Well, ladies! More and more women also will have more !!

Visit this beautiful gallery of the 20 most beautiful She-Shed in the world!

The Castle of Coch


Inspired by the Castles of Coch in South Wales! This She-Shed is the perfect place to chat with friends! This place will make you feel different, for sure!

Paradise on the sea

Brit + Co

By the sea! Having a house by the sea is an amazing dream to achieve!

The relaxation zone

Garden Design Magazine

Modernity at its best, a perfect place to retire and complete an unfinished job, writing a novel, or painting without being disturbed.

Contemporary Club House


The perfect place for a minimalist woman who wants to stay away from the world for a moment!

The Green Zone


For a nature lover and everything that is zen, green, organic. The best way to be happy and relaxed...

The Elegant Getaway

Country Living

We can not be more romantic! The perfect place to read our favorite novels! I would have time to read tons of books! I'd just need a bottle of wine

The Green Thumb House

Brit + Co

The gardener that you are needs a break, here is the perfect place for you! A small greenhouse, all made of glass .... wow! The heat under the shade of the trees must be must be so pleasant!

The chalet made for naps

Brit + Co

Can not take a nap at home because of the noise of the children? Here, impossible to be disturbed! It's so quiet! And if you leave the door open, you will hear the sound of the wind whipping the leaves of the trees ....

The open cottage

Erica Glasener

An open space will allow you to relax during 3 full seasons to admire the nature! From spring to autumn, you can admire the work of Mother Nature!

The artist's retreat

Apartment Therapy

The artist will find her small paradise space here! A colorful shed filled with old objects where she can create whatever she likes! A perfect place to let is imagination run free and create incredible works!

The bunker

The Style Files

A closed Bunker! No window, once the doors are closed, if you pull the curtains, you are completely cut off from the rest of the world! Perfect for a closed retreat. Need a real break? That's a must have!

In the trees

Brit + Co

Even when you grow up, you're still a child deep inside! Here is the perfect place to relax! A cabin in a tree, but a chic one! My favorite!


The Pineapple Room

Amateur of antiques or The Great Gatsby? Here's your She-Shed dream! A mixture of greenhouse and antiques! A chandelier, some curtains and a lot of chic! It's romantic.

The YOGA dwelling

The Telegraph

Some incense, some comfortable clothes and you will turn into a goddess of yoga in this temple!

The pub

Hinrichs Remodeling

The perfect place to meet your friend! There, where men will not be allowed to enter! As in the days of the taverns!

The romantic

House to Home

A perfect space to read, have a tea, rest, take a nap, receive friends ... Talk ... A cozy space, warm and romantic!

The Wood Cabin

ooden House

A small workspace, a wonderful bath, this is the perfect place to finish writing a novel .... 

The dinner


In this shed, men are allowed to come, but ONLY if they know how to cook AND serve!

The fortress

Better Homes and Gardens

This is the best shed to relax if you've been working hard all your life! Just relax...

The gardener

Wooden House

The gardener that you are will be able to decorate a shed and make it a cozy little house where napping and resting are the only activities...

The Yoga studio

Good To Grow

And finally, The yoga studio ... And by that I mean: soft clothes and a glass of wine in hand, nothing more! Haha!

Source: Imgur