22 great ideas of Christmas decorations!

From the outside to the table centerpiece, put magic everywhere!

Tips and Crafts

When Christmas comes, even the most grumpy ones end up wanting to decorate a little bit. It is a good way to add some lights in this gray winter and young and old like to admire the result of our efforts.

This year, we suggest you to avoid buying commercial decoration, but rather make your own decorations by collecting materials that you may have at home. More economical, more ecological and more original!

Here's something to inspire you in your creations:

1. DIY 2×4 wood Christmas decorations

See what you can easily create, from simple pieces of wood!

source: Keeping it Simple

2. Terracotta pots snowmen

Whether to hang in the Christmas tree or to put on a shelf, here is a simple idea!

source: Crafttown

3. Giant luminous balls

Chicken wire, outdoor lighting, and you're done!

source: Crafttown

4. Festive lanterns

If you have old antique looking lamps, add Christmas balls inside, decorate them with ribbons and you'll get a great decoration!

source: Dimples & Tangles

5. Logs snowmen

The apparent bark painted in white gives a beautiful rustic appearance to the snowmen.

source: Hub Pages

6. Modern Christmas trees

With small boards, create triangles. Twine and Christmas balls, bows... It's cute !

source: Domestically Speaking

7. A coat hook for Christmas stockings

A nice way to hang the stockings of the whole family!

source: Connie Edwards

8. Snowmen log slice

Wood is definitely a wonderful material for Christmas decorations!

source: Oh Buttons

9. The snowman's hat on the table

Take for example, a big coffee tin can and paint it in black. Decorate it!

source: Pinterest

10. A wreath of family photos

Use family photos to make a pretty decorative wreath.

source: The Crafting Chics

11. A garland of giant light bulbs

Paper cups, balloons ... Smart!

source: Pinterest

12. A tree with branches

Take branches during a walk in the forest and then create this beautiful decoration!

source: Uberall

13. Snowmen made from old tires

Old tires clutter your garage? Now you know what to do with them!


source: Pinterest

14. Santa Claus bottles

What a beautiful idea, very simple to achieve!

source: Pinterest

15. Decorated cabinets

We forget to use the cabinets as decorative elements.

source: Pinterest

16. A silver centerpiece

Paint pine cones, pebbles, branches, add candles and you will have a sublime centerpiece!

source: Pinterest

17. A festive fence

Get a piece of old fence or wooden pallet. Then paint it!

source: American Antiquities

18. Giant snowmen

Boxes wrapped and stacked and here are beautiful Christmas characters!

source: Pinterest

19. Wood pallet Christmas trees

Add colors and lights for a 'Wow' effect!

source: Pinterest

20. Long live the pallet wood!

Another way to use this material ...

source: Pinterest

21. A Christmas village on a ladder

It's just amazing!

source: Pinterest

22. Candlesticks

You can keep them for years.

source:Simply Kierste