24 Vintage Garden Decor DIY Ideas.

Creating a charming vintage garden is much easier than you think!

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Tips and Crafts
Published 2 years ago
24 Vintage Garden Decor DIY Ideas.

You can turn old vintage items into beautiful charming elements for the garden! Rusty chairs, bed frames, wheel barrows or even drawers can make the most beautiful planters!

Take a look, here's 24 idea to inspire you. 

1. Wagon Planter

This gorgeous planter can be pulled anywhere in the garden! Isn't that amazing?

Flea Market Gardening

2. Rusty Horse Water Trough

You can find an old trough at your local farm! They are such a nice addition to the garden. 


3. Antique Wheel Barrow Planter

You can use an old wooden wheel barrow to hold rustic flowers pots! 

Home BNC

4. Vintage Statue

A statuary will make any garden feel rustic!

Modern Country

5. Rustic Bird Houses

How charming are these old wooden bird houses?

Organized Clutter

6. Vintage Drawers

If your old dresser can't be save, it doesn't meat that you should get rid of the drawers! 

Design Sponge

7. Rustic Mannequin

What an original and lovely idea for the garden!

Eden Makers Blog

8. Vintage Tea Party

Who said that tea parties are only for kids? They will bring a charming touch to any garden!

The Enchanted Cove

9. French Inspired Garden

Create your own little French corner in your garden with a beautiful round mirror, metal chairs and a small table. 


10. Vintage Scale

Vintage scales make beautiful planters for the font porch!

The Old Blue Bucket

11. Vintage Metal Chair 

Simply remove the cushion from an old chair to make a DIY beautiful planter!

Garden Therapy

12. Antique Ice Cream Freezer

Antique items such as this ice cream freezer make charming additions to the garden. 

Organized Clutter

13. Shelf Garden

This charming shelf garden was created  with fruit boxes, a small ladder, and a few antique planters!

Pith & Vigor Blog

14. Vintage Galvanized Washtub 

An antique washtub and a simple trellis make a lovely climbing garden!

Fine Gardening

15. Old Backpack Mailbox 

Absolutely adorable! 


16. Vintage Metal Wheelbarrow 

Simply fill an old metal wheelbarrow with dirt and your favourite flowers!

Home BNC

17. Vintage Bed Frame

A rusty bed frame railing is all your need to transform your garden into a charming little oasis! 


18. Vintage Hanging Planters

Add old wood and galvanized boxes and planters to create a rustic garden. 


19. Rustic Sink Planter

Don't get rid of your old sinks! They make beautiful and vintage planters for the garden. 

The Art in Life

20. French Vintage Lanterns

You can instantly add a little French vintage charm to your garden with beautiful rustic lanterns! 


21. Rustic Table Bar

Everybody needs a mini bar in the garden! 

The Garden Glove

22. Antique Washtub Planter

Simply fill the bottom half with soil and add flowing plants for a beautiful vintage look!

RE-Scape Facebook

23. Vintage Plates 

Antique plates and signs combined with a rustic metal chair - absolutely lovely!

A Cultivated Nest

24. Vintage Planters

A few broken terra cotta pot can create a charming styled fairy garden!

The DIY Mommy

Which one is your favourite?

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