25 ideas for Elf on the Shelf

Get inspired for December!

Tips and Crafts

If elves have spent a few months at home, maybe you do not have anymore ideas for them?

To keep the magic of Christmas for your kids, here are 25 fun and original ideas! You can make one every day!

1. The mountaineer's elf

The children will be surprised and happy too see their elf climbing on the wall!

2. The elf who thinks of others

Your Christmas cards will be ready, you just have to post them!

3. The superhero

Because everyone loves superheroes!

4. The Elf caught in the act

He sends messages with dad's phone!

5. The Elf playing in the decorations

Elf never sleeps!

6. The elves who are partying

Party all night!

7. The Elf who prepares the food

If he is very talented, he can make a fabulous gingerbread house. If not, he can make something easier...

8. A classic

The Elf that builds with toilet paper rolls.

9. The hungry Elf

He had a nocturnal craving,

10. The Elf who ordered a friend

... or who wants to post an invading colleague!

11. The Elf preparing a festive lunch

Perfect for the weekend!

12. The Elf going on vacation

He needs some rest after all these jokes!

13. The postman Elf

... who brings a special letter to the child.

14. The sporty Elf

... who wants to try zip line.

15. The elf who locked himself outside

Let him in, it's cold!

16. The Elves really like ...

the toilet paper!

17. The Elf who prepared the snack

Mom or dad have to prepare everything, now!

18. The resourceful elf

... who made a sled.

19. The thirsty elf

He drank everything while the children were asleep!

Source: familylifeisgreat.blogspot.ca

20. The elf who needs to rest

He made his own cozy bed!

Source: sweetshoppedesigns.com

21. The hygienic elf

The elves also need a shower from time to time!

Source: mandywithmultiples.com

22. The cheeky elf

Oh, the ugly trick!

Source: mandywithmultiples.com

23. The fisherman elf

A lake full of Goldfish!

Source: rockingmy365project.com

24. The elf who loves the snow

Inside and out.

Source: indulgy.com

25. The elf who dreams of holidays

A little trip, after Christmas?

Source: rockingmy365project.com

Do you like this new tradition of elves to wait for Christmas, or not? If you like this tradition, these ideas should help you to have a lot of fun, preparing all this ideas and most importantly, seeing the eyes of your children amazed in the morning!

Have a beautiful month of December!