25 pictures that show what parts of Texas looks like right now.

Praying for everyone to get power and water back!

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Texas is experiencing really cold weather mixed with heavy snow. Something that didn't happen in decades, and the pictures people are posting online feel truly surreal.  

Take a look at some of the pictures below. 

The state of the highways

Twitter: @TxDOTAustin

Even the ceiling fans are frozen!

Twitter: @ThomasBlackGG

Faucets are literally frozen 

Twitter: @michaelbrom

Pools are now skating rinks

Twitter: @CRTCHP

And hot tubs too!

Twitter: @amalaz95

Of course, toilets are also frozen.

Twitter: @MsYoungProfess

Even the dish soap are freezing.  

Twitter: @valsatuo

Olive oil is totally frozen.

Twitter: @goodlawyernac

Park's playground completely frozen.

Twitter: @PastureSociety

The dog water bowls are frozen.

Twitter: @UnedumacatedJo

You can't even store water in the bathtub. 

Twitter: @BFriedmanDC

This is the thickness of the ice!

Twitter: @xdianarose

 Highways are truly scary.

Twitter: @DTGoteraKHOU

Water fountains at the parks are frozen.

Twitter: @NorthavenTrail

The beaches are covered in snow.

Twitter: @KevinLighty

This car wash look like a cavern. 

Here's a useful tip! 

Twitter: @veterans_i

Ever seen a frozen cactus?


People have to camp in their own living rooms.

Twitter: @sarahradinasch

Apartments hallway are now skating rinks. 

witter: @ThomasBlackGG

This is what happens when pipes are bursting.

Twitter: @BreeSunshinee_

It even causes indoor waterfalls. 

Twitter: @anasalhajji

It feels really surreal.

We hope that everybody is staying safe!

How is the weather in your city?