3 homemade flea traps

Get rid of fleas in your home with these 3 easy ways!

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If you're struggling with a flea problem at home, it's very important to add flea traps to every room in your home.

Because cleaning the house, bedding and furniture are unfortunately not always enough to eliminate all traces of fleas and their eggs that reproduce really fast!

We must do it quickly! Very quickly!

And buying commercial traps to eliminate fleas can be an unexpected expense for some people.

That's why we suggest you to make traps, that you will put in the rooms of your house to make sure that they do not reproduce by laying new eggs, forcing you to have to clean again.

Here are 3 homemade flea traps, they are very easy to make :

1) Soapy water and candles:

Every night, put in every rooms of your house, bowls filled with soapy water (a dish soap will be perfect) and add a floating candle in each bowl. The flames of the floating candles on the water will attract fleas. The soap will drown the fleas. And they will drown at the bottom of the deep bowl.

2) The lamp trap :

In all dark rooms, add bowls and soapy water (a dish soap will be perfect). Then place a lamp, or a flashlight near the bowls, so that the light illuminates the water in the bowls. It is this light on the water that will attract fleas into the soapy water, and then they will drown.

3) The television trap :

Fill a bowl with soapy water (a dish soap will be perfect) and place it in front of the TV turned on all night. This is the TV light that will reflect in the soapy water that will attract the fleas, they will drown.

Now :

If these three tips do not work, maybe your flea problem is more serious than you think. Call on exterminator to see if you can get commercial products, or if more radical treatment is needed.

But, I hope that these 3 tips will be enough to help you !

Source : guideastuces.com

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