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30 constructions for cats made with cardboard boxes.

A great way to reuse boxes from all your online shopping!

Tips and Crafts

Do you have a pet? Perhaps a cat? 

You surely love your pet dearly and you are always looking for ways to make them happy and bring more comfort into their lives. 

To do this, no need to ruin yourself by buying a thousand and one toys at the store! You can reconcile your affection for small cats and your ecological conscience by collecting simple cardboard boxes. And we all know that cats love boxes!

Here's some inspiration! You can always solidify your construction with wood or decorate it with fabric, etc.

1. Giant castle


2. Meow! 

reddit u/skar1983

3. The princess in her castle 

Instagram @prefabcat

4. Charming house with balcony 

Instagram @princepeachblossom

5. That looks really fun! 

Instagram @prefabcat

6. Personalized castle

Reddit u/halfasleepchris

7. Amusement park for cats!

Reddit u/mnhaverland

8. Sniper tower


9. Pretty pagoda

Reddit u/Nat_Log3982

10. Cat & Dog Fort! 


11. Each cat get their own box!


12. Stylish tower 

Instagram @prefabcat

13. Colorful little house


14. Fort with a little friend 

Reddit u/zephito

15. The windows are paw prints!

Instagram @tiicky

16. Cardboard bricks castle 

Reddit u/TheRealTourner

17. A palace for cats

Reddit u/catsandclavicles

18. Beautiful architecture

Instructables joejoetheclown

19. Small feline restaurant


20. "Amazon" castle! 


21. Sultan's Refuge

Reddit u/SwitchToDecaf

22. Beautiful duplex


23. Cute playground

Instagram @arnold_n_otis

24. Another beautiful castle


25. Fun activity centre 

Reddit u/tastyteeths

26. Don't forget to add some toys!


27. Not super strong, but still fun!

Reddit u/MafHoney

28. Made to last

Reddit u/will_never_lol

29. The royal house

Reddit u/thisnami

30. Another cardboard fort

Instagram @oak_lea

Which one is your favourite?