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31 Christmas DIY decorations.

If you have a little extra time this year, make your own decorations!

Tips and Crafts

November is the time to think about holiday decorations, which will arrive faster than you think. Moreover, in this gloomy year, many of us are already installing them in a attempt to cheer ourselves and our neighbours. 

What if, in these times that prevent us from engaging in many activities, you made decorations with your own hands? It's economical, ecological and it allows you to create memories to bring out for the next holidays.

The magic of Christmas has its place more than ever, in this pandemic year!

Here are photos to inspire you some DIY ideas! 

1. A village in height

With logs, you can create a very timely Christmas universe.

2. A festive touch inside the house

A simple touch that makes all the difference.

3. A snowy village

Create wooden playhouses, or use the ones you have. Some "snow" and branches and you will have a perfect winter scene.

4. An ornate staircase

White lights and a little greenery, it's perfect!

5. Christmas Gnomes

Gnomes have been popular for several years. Modify your small artificial trees, or find small shrubs, for a playful addition to your Christmas decor.

6. Funny snowmen

A very simple idea, which is at the same time a nod to this madness of toilet paper in 2020.

7. A festive touch in the bathroom

It's a room that we often neglect to decorate, but it's such a beautiful idea!

8. An original centerpiece

With a beautiful tray, cups and small figures, you can create that little something extra, for the holiday table.

9. A modern tree

It's economical and super original! Instead of carrying a big tree, use a corner of the room to do this!

10. Wooden crates

What a great way to display small houses and Christmas characters!

11. Minimalist Tree 

Beautiful triangular tree, it's a great idea in a minimalist decor.

12. All-white village

A decoration that calls for serenity.

13. A snowy village on a ladder

It's ingenious and super aesthetic.

14. Beautiful bottles

Collect your empty bottles and decorate them according to your inspiration. Simple and beautiful. 

15. Little Christmas train

Wooden crates will be perfect to give you the impression of taking the train to the North Pole.

16. Giant Gingerbread Couple 

Wood panels or even heavy cardboard are used to bring thematic characters to life.

17. A bouquet in the bathroom

Toilet paper has never been so chic!

18. Candlesticks

It's super nice and easy to do.

19. Magic trunk

If you have an old suitcase, see how to transform it for the holidays!

20. Pine cones

For a little rustic look to your decor. 

21. Cocooning by the window

Small comforting elements and here is a magical winter atmosphere!

22. Santa table

What a great idea to cover the backs of chairs like this!

23. Reindeer Door 

It is simple and very cute!

24. All or northing!

Not everyone has this kind of house, but you can still be inspired by it to create a generous and colorful decor.

25. Ornaments 

How cute! And quite simple to do!

26. Christmas Vase 

You can create a miniature decoration in a glass or in a vase and place it all on the holiday table. 

27. Holiday Wreath 

It's a clever and chic idea, which pleasantly welcomes guests.

28. Candlesticks 

These little homes are charming with their fireplaces welcoming candles.

29. Modern Wreath 

You can take inspiration from it to make your own!

30. Out of the ordinary tree

Instead of a tree, take a large branch like this one and hang different kind of decorations!

31. Small Christmas trees in pine cones

Perfect for decorating a Christmas village or making place cards for guests.

Do you have a favourite?