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32 pictures of McDonald's from the past proving it was so better back in time.

We are feeling so nostalgic!

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The first Mc Donald’s was founded in 1952 and came in Canada in 1955. This chain revolutionized the world of restaurants and brought us "fast food".

Most of us did not know the first McDonalds restaurants, but everyone remembers the establishments of the 70s, 80s and 90s. It was a paradise for children!

It hasn't changed much, kids still love it! But what has changed the most is the look of the establishments!

As a small dose of nostalgia can be pleasant, here are some photos of the old McDonald's to remind you of sweet memories with the scent of crispy fries!

Do you remember all this?

1. The old exterior of McDonald's restaurants.

It was fun!

source: sugarcain

2. The famous burgers seats

And the colorful tables.

source: Bright_as_yellow

3. The coffee sticks

We all played with these teaspoons, even in our hot cocoa!


4. High chairs

Many wanted to sit there, even when they were too big!


5. The famous Halloween buckets. 

They were a must for many kids!

source: t4uri

6. McDonald's Cookies. 

Not everyone had the chance to taste it. Did you?

source: Costner_Facts

7. Birthday parties at the restaurant

Note the ashtrays, to digest after the meal! These pictures are truly from another area!

source: MikeTScott

8. This famous bench

Who hasn't taken at least one photo with Ronald?

source: endlesswaveofwhat

9. The McDonald's characters

What a beautiful gang!

source: SpitFyre851

10. The flooring

Since we didn't have cell phones, we fixed it while waiting for our order!

source: moonshoot3r

11. Toys from 1987

 "Transformers" food items! Wow!

source: reddit

12.  Garfield Mugs

They were collectable items!

source: NoTalentAssClown34

13. Styrofoam containers

They were so recognizable! (And not at all eco-friendly).


14. The indoor playgrounds 

What has not changed is the parents who are desperately trying to catch the children and return home!

source: whistle_tips

15. Placemats with games

We miss it!

source: Timzor

16.  Batman Mugs

So cool!

source: throwd_away8675309

17. The old drive-thru prices

Look at these prices! 

source: buoyak

18. The big barrel of juice dispenser

This "juice" which no longer exists ... Who remembers it?

source: worthpoin

19. These were the salads back then!

But who really ordered them?

source: KookStats

20. The Ronald puppet

Have babies choked on this?

source: pokey420

21. Another missing object

The McDonald's are now less inviting for little ones ...

source: demerit5

22. The small Tiny Toons cars

They also had Muppets and 101 Dalmatians!

source: PotatoQuie

23. The Disney plates from the 90's

Everybody wanted them!

source: Closetbigfoot

24. The ashtrays.

We can never see this in a restaurant nowadays! 

source: shanster92

25. Dino Puppets

Do you still have on in your basement? 


26. The restaurants located inside Walmart stores.

They all had the famous bench.


27.  Fisher Price Toys

So you can play pretend at home!

source: Jaimass

28.  Mickey Mouse Glasses

We can't get stuff like this anymore!

source: Mercury90210

29. Painted windows

With the characters everyone knew and loved.


30. Super Mario 3 Happy Meal boxes

Super cool!

source: CJK610

31. Small Disney characters 

We needed to have them all!

source: trvl_3r87

32. Employees who were to host children's parties

They had to earn their salary ...

source: Karakurizer

Do you miss that era? Are you still going to McDonald's as much?