4 beautiful Halloween crafts to create with toilet paper rolls

A great project to do before Halloween!

Tips and Crafts

Collect all the toilet paper rolls that you can to make beautiful figurines with children !

You can have a lot of toilet paper rolls : Gift wrap rolls, plastic wrap rolls, aluminum foil rolls, paper towel rolls and even toilet paper rolls !

All these rolls will allow you to make beautiful characters, and then the children will be able to play later during the period of Halloween !

Because playing with monsters ! It's funny ! And it helps the little ones to not be too scared on the night of Halloween when comes the time to meet all these children disguised as Frankenstein, mummy , and ghost ! We must play down the thing !

You will need :

- Two paper towel rolls cut in half

- Scissors


- Four toilet paper rolls

- Acrylic paint or gouache in various colors : green , orange , skin tone

- Paintbrushes or sponge brushes

- Construction paper in various colors : black , white , red , green , beige

- Small Googly eyes

-Toilet paper

- White school glue

- A black felt tip pen

How to do :

1) Start by cutting the two paper towel rolls in half if you have not used four toilet paper rolls.

2) Apply a coat of green paint on one roll, one coat of orange paint on the second roll, one coat of skin-colored paint on the third roll and leave the fourth roll intact.

3) Draw the lines of the faces with the black felt before gluing the cardboard pieces, but only after the painting is dry.

4) Then cut out the pieces of each figurine in the color construction papers and use the white school glue to glue them on the rolls, but only when the paint is dry.

5) Once the characters are finished, let the glue dry well before giving them to the children.

See all the manufacturing details in the following video:

Source : Instagram bestideasforkids

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