4 easy steps to clean your showerhead so it'll shine like a brand new.

Simple steps to clean a showerhead!

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Here is what you should do to clean your showerhead.

Have you ever looked at your showerhead and noticed a bunch of the nozzles aren't working ? Your showerhead doesn't work very well ? The water doesn't flow normally ? In this article, you will discover a method that perfectly work to clean your showerhead. Your showerhead will be like new.

It is time to fix this problem and clean your showerhead ! Stop procrastinate and do it today ! It's so easy to do !

Cleaning your showerhead is not that complicated ! Take a look at the next steps ! It's simple and easy to do !

Good cleaning !

Step 1

Start by mixing one cup of vinegar with 1/3 cup of baking soda. The acid in the vinegar reacts with the baking soda to form a strong cleaning agent. If you use only vinegar, it could work too but the baking soda is fantastic !

Step 3

Place the vinegar and baking soda mix in a freezer bag; a Ziploc bag will be perfect.

Step 3

Place the bag over the showerhead with rubber bands. Make sure that the mixture comes in contact with all the nozzles. This is the hardest step to make without spilling the product everywhere !

Step 4

Leave the product in place for one day. When removing the bag from the showerhead, if you notice that there are still mineral deposits in some nozzles, use a toothpick to clean them out. Yes I know, it may be long but you will be happy to take a shower that works perfectly !

There you go !

As you can see in the photo ; about half of the nozzles were not working and now all the nozzles are working well !

You will see a huge difference using the shower after its small cleaning ! The water comes out now like when the shower head was new !

Come on ! It's your turn now to clean your showerhead ! Good cleaning ! Hoping that this cleaning tip is useful to you.

Try it!