4 great tips to make a box mix cake taste like a bakery cake!

You'll be surprised how easy it is!

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Many people started baking for the first time during the quarantine due to COVID-19. It is a great way to occupy oneself and have a delicious sweet treat at the same time! If you discover that baking wasn't your strong suit while attempting it, don't be discouraged! There are a few tips that will turn any box mix cake into a delicious cake that tasted just like it came from the bakery store. 

1. Add two extra eggs 

By adding two extra eggs, you will help create help create structure and stability in the batter. It will also add some more moisture to the cake.  

2. Use melted butter and double the amount 

To add extra flavour, replace and double the amount of oil with melted butter. As butter is essentially a "type of cream" it will add a very touch to any cake, pastry of cookie. Some people also recommend to add a few drops of vanilla. 

3. Use milk instead of water 

To add even more creaminess to the cake, swap the water for milk. If you are feeling a bit creative, you can also add some juice! For example, use a vanilla cake mix and orange juice! You can also use flavoured milk if you like more conservative flavours. 

4. Follow the package directions 

When it comes to baking, always follow recipes so you don't end up with a dry or too dense cake. 

Here is a video on how to make gourmet cupcakes using a cake box mix, yum!

There you go, four very easy tips you can try next time you are feeling like baking!